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Fridge Slide for UTE or Other Vehicles

When you want an item added to your UTE, there’s only one place to go and get it done – OZY Toolbox. We have the best equipment for your UTE, and now we have sliding fridge holders to help you reach the depths of your remote fridge, placed in the back of your UTE or another vehicle.

Our fridge slides are made of high-quality materials. They are made from high-strength galvanized steel and are the perfect addition to any toolbox canopy if you’re installing it on a UTE. We have heavy-duty opening slides capable of withholding enormous weights.

What are Our Fridge Slides Used for?

Let’s say you’re going camping. Travelling to a designated place may take a while, and the place there is most commonly electricity-free. There are no power sockets in nature, but your vehicle, especially a UTE, can withhold a generator producing electricity. Plug the fridge in and have fresh food and cool drinks on your trip.

The only issue is that most fridges are mounted in your UTE rear tray, making them not easily accessible. Placing your fridge on slides and tiling on the side when you pull it allows seamless access by opening the top lid. They are an essential feature for all outdoor lovers and adventurers.

What Kinds of Slide Fridges Do We Have?

We have numerous fridge slides made for different vehicles and sizes. If we don’t have adequate size, you can order one custom-made. Go through the options and see what we have.

We have the solution for you if you’re driving a UTE, an ordinary city vehicle, a camper, or a trailer. We can create the perfect camper or trailer toolbox with an inside-fitting fridge slide. Using similar technology, we also have undertray drawers for your UTE. Come to our shop or order online.

Delivering Aluminium Fridge Slides to Doors across Australia

Although it’s best to come to our stores and have your vehicle measured to get the perfect fridge slide, there’s no need for something like this if you don’t feel like coming. We understand the need for people to have what they need to be delivered to their door, which is why we ship across the continent.

Order your fridge slide and have it delivered to your door, no matter where in Australia you live. Visit our contact us page for more information and order today.