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Incredible Aluminium Dog Boxes For Sale: Choose from different Dog Box Designs.

Are you looking for a high-quality dog box for your ute?

OZY Toolbox center is one of the largest toolbox companies in Australia. You can be sure to find the most extensive range of dog cages for sale on our website.

Not looking for ute dog cages?  Check out our aluminium ute canopy toolbox sections instead.

I don’t see any features that I want for my ute dog box. My friends and relatives are frustrated by the same problem.  

Don’t panic if you don’t find any dox boxes that you want for your ute. We build custom dog cages. Just contact us via our email at or phone number 1300OZYBOX (1300-699-269).

How do I know if the aluminium dog boxes are of high quality or not?

OZY Toolbox is a family-owned business that has been providing toolbox services to customers for many years. Our products undergo strict inspections before being put on sale.

Do you provide a warranty on your dog cages?

All our aluminium Dog Boxes have a warranty for one year from the original date of purchase. We suggest you check our Warranty Policy for more information.

Do you deliver dog boxes in Melbourne and Victoria?

Yes, we deliver various accessories, toolboxes, trays, and canopy products across all major Aussie cities.

How do I measure the dimensions of my ute dog cages?

For width and depth

At first, make your dog stand with its legs fully stretched. Then, measure the length from its nose to its rear end. You do not need to measure it to its tail. Then, add two to four inches to the measurement. This is the width and dimension you need for your aluminium dog box.

For height

Your dog needs to sit on its back legs to measure the height of the aluminium dog box. Its head and nose should be as high as possible, and its rear end should be at the ground. If its front legs are fully stretched as well, take the measurements. The measurement should be from the floor to the maximum height the dog has achieved. Add two to three-inch to make sure that your dog is comfortable in the ute dog box.

Is there anything else I need to consider while buying my ute dog box?

In terms of size, you should also measure the dimensions of your ute vehicle. It doesn’t make sense to buy something that doesn’t fit in your ute.

One other thing that you should consider is transparency and vent details. Make sure that you can see the front of your dog box. I prefer if the ute dog box front door has bars instead of a full opaque door.