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Aluminium Toolboxes For Ute

When you need aluminium toolboxes for UTEs, there’s only one place to go – OZY Toolbox. We have the most durable, high-quality made, unique, and affordably priced aluminium boxes for all your needs. You can choose anything from our line of work, including other items aside from the classic toolbox bestseller, like a canopy, or the many drawer toolboxes available in many dimensions.

Our toolboxes are made from solid and long-lasting materials. We only use high-grade 1060 checker plate or flat plate aluminium, which are lightweight but can withhold even the harshest conditions. All toolboxes come with perfectly designed locks and two keys.

What are our Aluminium Toolboxes Used for?

Our toolboxes have a wide range of uses. The primary one is obviously storing tools, but people also use them for camping, fishing, hunting, etc. Installing one on your UTE means always having safe storage for your items.

OZY Toolbox has a large range of aluminium toolboxes for sale. All our aluminium toolboxes for UTEs are Australian designed. Order yours today!

What kinds of Aluminium Toolboxes for Utes Do We Have?

We no longer make custom-made toolboxes. If you prefer to get an already made product, we have many different aluminium storage boxes with different sizes, from smaller models to large aluminium toolbox options. We also have various canopy sizes, 700mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1400mm and 1600mm.

Depending on the type of your UTE, you should get a different size. If you have any issues finding a tool box on our site, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and and we can assist as best we can to find a solution for you.

Delivering Aluminium Toolboxes to Doors across Australia

There’s no need to go to some of our stores to pick a toolbox. Browse through our webpage and find one that will be suitable for you. Order it online, and we will be more than happy to deliver it to your door no matter where you are in Australia.

Visit our contact us page for more information.