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Lockable Aluminium Job Site Tool Box

When you’re working as a contractor or simply need a job site tool box to store your items inside, OZY toolbox is your primary choice. We have the best quality-made, durable, unique, and affordable aluminium site boxes.

With our years of experience and top-notch skills, we can create the perfect bespoke site toolbox for your needs. The features include a lock that only you can open and wheels to move it seamlessly. They are also lightweight, making these items your best option when you need to store tools and machines at the working site.

Our job site tool boxes are made of high-grade 1060 checker plate aluminium, making them both good-looking, unique, and durable. The check-plate finish provides a perfect grip for everyone trying to get them from one place to another or open the lid. The lid has a top opening making it highly accessible and easy to use.

What are Aluminium job site tool boxes used for?

When you’re on the working site, you can’t leave all your tools scattered. You need them all by your side, and the site box provides this for you. It’s a convenient toolbox because it is placed on wheels, and wherever you’re going, you can take it with you.

You don’t have to worry about weather conditions as our site boxes are made of perfectly durable dust and weather resistant aluminium. Think about protecting yourself in the case of rain, and the toolbox will be just fine. Leave it anywhere you want; nothing will happen to it. Just don’t forget to close the top lid.

Explore our excellent choice of aluminium site tool boxes. OZY Toolbox provides the best aluminium site boxes there are. Australia wide shipping.

Aluminium site box features:

Our aluminium site boxes are made of a 3mm heavy-duty aluminium checker plate and a heavy-duty stainless steel lock for the lid that is fully seam welded. It is moving with the help of heavy duty 100mm poly casters.

We deliver site boxes to your door

You don’t have to go to our stores to get one. Order one online and get it shipped to your door. We ship across Australia. Pick your item, enter your details, and we’ll deliver it as soon as possible.

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