1000mm High Canopy for Toyota Landcruiser 79 & Toyota Hilux

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Australia Designed High Canopy for Toyota Landcruiser 79 & Toyota Hilux for Sale: Choose Dimensions and Colour that Fits

Ozy Toolbox provides the best canopy toolboxes on the continent. We’re offering custom-made 1000mm high canopies made specifically for Toyota Landcruiser 79 and Toyota Hilux. These two are both specific vehicles, and custom designs are vital. Not looking for a high canopy? Check our selection of other toolboxes here.

Are you looking for high-quality canopy toolboxes?

If you’re looking for high-quality canopy toolboxes for your vehicle, we’re happy to tell you that we make the best canopy toolboxes made of the best aluminium. They are perfect for all your needs.

How can I be sure of your canopy toolbox quality?

We guarantee perfection in all our products. They are made of high-grade checker plate and flat plate aluminium. The canopy toolboxes made for Toyota Landcruiser 79 & Toyota Hilux are no different than the rest of the products we offer.

Do you provide delivery services across Sydney and other major cities in Australia?

Of course, we do. All you have to do is decide what you want and call on our phone or write us an e-mail. We will deliver exactly what you asked for to your doorstep, no matter where in Australia you’re located, in the fastest time possible.

What are these canopy toolboxes used for?

Toyota Landcruiser 79 & Toyota Hilux are massive and powerful vehicles. You can use them for all sorts of needs, from standard city commutes to contractor needs to adventures in the great outdoors.

If you want to use your vehicle for any of these needs, be sure you’ve made a great choice, but storing your items in the back is not always safe without a toolbox. We offer custom-made Toyota Landcruiser 79 & Toyota Hilux toolbox canopies that will fit perfectly.

This way, you can store large and robust machines and tools when going to the construction site, going home from the grocery shop and needing to stop somewhere to pick something else, or going in nature and needing enough storage to fit all the items for camping.