What grade aluminium are your toolboxes?

All our aluminium toolboxes are 1060 grade. This is a lightweight aluminium but extremely durable which is why we choose to use it as it can withstand the harshest conditions.

How can I be sure of your aluminium toolbox quality?

All our aluminium storage boxes are subject to Australian standards. We inspect every aluminium toolbox before we put it for sale.

Do you also install your products?

Unfortunately, we do not offer an installation service however we have neighbouring businesses which we have partnered to complete installs. If installation is required, we can put you in touch with the right people.

Do you have a pickup location?

Yes, you can pick up your items from our warehouse located at 18/44 Carrington Road, Castle Hill, NSW 2154.

What is your lead time on shipping?

Please refer to our delivery information for all freight related questions.

Do you custom build Ute Canopies?

We don’t custom make canopies however we have a wide range of canopies to choose from. For more details you can contact us via our email at sales@ozytoolbox.com.au or phone number 1300OZYBOX (1300 699 269).

How do I know if OZY Toolbox canopies are durable and safe?

Our aluminium alloy canopies and toolboxes are constructed from high-grade checker plate and flat plate aluminium. They protect your equipment from unpredictable weather and harsh environments.

Can I have the same locks for all my toolboxes?

Yes we certainly can, we will be able to provide one master key to be used for all toolboxes purchases through us.

What if I lose my toolbox key?

Please and us an email at sales@ozytoolbox.com.au with your name and order number, or simply visit us at our warehouse.

What is the best way to secure my toolbox to my vehicle?

Each toolbox requires a unique method of installation, please discuss with our sales representative for the recommended method.

How many toolbox alarms can I pair to a single remote?

You may pair up to 8 Alarms to a single remote, instructions will be included, if you require further assistance please discuss with our sales representative.