Half Lid Opening Toolboxes

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OZY Half Lid Side Opening Toolbox: Perfect for Ute toolbox Setups

OZY Toolbox has an extensive range of aluminium toolboxes that you are going to love. Shop online with OZY to get the best value for money.

Customer service is our #1 priority. We always want to look out for our customers and see that they get the best out of our service. So, we have listed down some common questions that people ask about us and our toolboxes.

Can I get custom toolboxes for my ute in Melbourne?

We have a wide range of aluminium toolboxes that cover almost all of the standard ute needs. If you require custom toolboxes for trays, side opening toolboxes, we can arrange it, just contact our sales team sales@ozytoolbox.com.au

How can I get a ute side opening toolbox from OZY?

You can buy toolboxes on OZY from anywhere around Australia whenever you like. We accept Paypal and afterpay for all online purchases. For delivery payment, we accept MasterCard, Visa Card, and hand cash.

You can also come to your nearest OZY Toolbox warehouse and purchase toolboxes that you like. For more information, see our delivery policies. You can also call us at 1300OZYBOX (1300-699-269) or email us at sales@ozytoolbox.com.au

What are the standard dimensions of a side opening toolbox?

Each ute will require a different dimension toolbox to suit the user's needs. Our side opening toolboxes have a standard width of 600mm and a standard height of 820mm. We find this works well for a majority of our customers as the width allows room for larger items like drop saws and the height remains under their ladder racks.

Can I get a return on the toolbox setup for my ute?

OZY Toolbox center prioritizes customer satisfaction over anything else. We will happily assist you with any exchanges and returns of ute toolboxes according to our return policy.

Will the door on my ¾ side opening toolbox open with my tray sides up?

Yes, we have designed our ¾ side opening toolboxes specifically for the purpose of being able to access your tools without the hassle of dropping your tray sides. Our ¾ side opening toolboxes are suitable for all standard ute trays.