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OZY Checker Plate Tool Box: The best toolbox to buy

At OZY Toolbox center, you can access one of the largest and comprehensive lists of aluminium checker plate toolbox.

Shop with us and get a discount of up to 10% this New Year.

How do I know if OZY Checker Plate is of high-quality or not?

OZY Toolbox is a family business that sells aluminium toolboxes of the highest quality. All our toolboxes are subject to Australian standards and strict inspection.

What is your most popular checker plate toolbox?

Our best selling checker plate toolbox is the OZY-1768FDCP series and is priced at $1550, it comes with 4-T locks, full seam welding, and four gas struts.

How do I pay for my aluminium checker plate toolboxes?

OZY accepts Paypal and afterpay if you plan to pay for your purchases online. We also accept Visa Card, Master Card, and cash for on delivery payments.

How can I get a custom checker plate for my ute?

We have a wide range of Aluminium drawer toolboxes that cover almost all the standard ute needs. If you require custom plates, we can arrange this with a MOQ.

Do all OZY Toolbox checker plates have compression locks?

All of our OZY toolboxes come standard with T-handle locks. We do offer an upgrade to the Whale tail compression lock at an additional cost.

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