5 Things to Know About the Dog Box Canopy

5 Things to Know About the Dog Box Canopy Image

A UTE and a pet dog go perfectly together. These vehicles can go through different terrains, and dogs love nature and the great outdoors. If you’re an adventurer, too, you will love driving outside the city with your dog and enjoy the freedom raw nature offers.

Many love camping and spending more days out there with their pets. To do this, you need more preparation than you might think. You must pack enough supplies and get the perfect tent that will be comfortable enough to spend the night, but you also need the ideal shelter for your pet.

A UTE dog cage is the perfect solution for this. Dog cages, or as they are also known, dog crates or dog boxes, are items mounted over the rear tray of the UTE and provide the perfect shelter for your pets. When ordering a new one, you must know a few things, though. Check out the list of the five most important ones before choosing.

1. Choose the right size and UTE compatibility

Choosing the right size and compatibility with your UTE is essential for getting a crate that will be functional and valuable. Every UTE has different dimensions of the rear tub where the box should be mounted, so the size and the dimensions must be perfect.

Your UTE must be compatible with the box you’re getting. Measure the vehicle and find out what are the perfect dimensions. Once you know them, it’s easy to find the box that will fit ideally. If you’re driving a UTE that is not commonly seen in shops, and there’s no box made for it, you can always order a custom-made crate that will fit perfectly.

2. Opt for the best material

There are multiple options when it comes to dog crate materials. The most commonly used one is plastic – you’ve seen the transportable boxes in which animals are carried and kept when needed, but if you’re going for a longer trip, plastic is not an option.

Installing a dog box in the rear tray means you need a sturdy and reliable item. Many will opt for steel, which is known as a material that will withhold anything, but steel is heavy and prone to corrosion, so it’s best to choose something else.

Those who do not worry about the budget will ask for a titanium box. Titanium is lightweight, durable, and highly expensive, so if you’re on a budget, you should choose aluminium.

Aluminium is the best solution because it is also lightweight and durable but comes with a fair price. This is why most dog cages for UTEs are made of aluminium – because this material provides durability, versatility, and safety for your dog.

3. Look for ventilation and dog comfort

Dogs, unlike humans, need constant fresh air. We love driving with the AC on to cool us off in the summer or warm us in the winter, but dogs prefer a natural breeze. This is why you need to look for a crate that will have excellent ventilation and provide the best comfort for a dog.

Some might think your pet will be more comfortable in the back seat of the driver’s cabin, but this is not true. Dogs love riding in the dog box because this is their idea of comfort. They don’t need soft cushions and an AC. What they need is an enclosed area where they will feel safe and a box with enough air circulation to keep them fresh.

4. Add excellent security

Imagine driving to a destination only to realize that your dog has jumped off the vehicle right after you pressed the gas pedal. This is a nightmare for most people, and if you don’t want to let this happen, you should do something about strengthening the security of the dog box.

Excellent security will also allow access to the box only to you. Thieves will wait for the right moment and try to take anything inside the box when you’re not there, so a lock is crucial. Never mount a dog crate on your UTE without adding a lock that will keep your pet safe.

5. Think about additional features that will ease the maintenance

Add multiple items inside the crate that will help your maintenance tasks. Dogs can be quite messy and leave a mess inside the box, which you must clean after use. The best way is to add removable panels instead of getting inside the box.

If you add removable panels, you can take them out at any time, wash them thoroughly, and place them back inside. This way, you will always have a clean transportable area that is easy to maintain. Your dog will also be grateful as they can’t remove the mess themselves but enjoy a clean area.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 12 January 2024