5 Benefits of Installing Single-cab Canopies

Buying a UTE means choosing from the various options available. There are so many things to think about when you're getting one - 4wd or 2wd, automatic or manual transmission, single or dual cab, and much more. All these things have pros and cons, and depending on your needs and wishes, you should opt for the best solution.

Some of these things are less affordable, so people are not choosing them. They go with less developed options just to save some money and only add new accessories and items later. It's best to have an unlimited budget and get everything you need, but it's clear this is not an option for many people.

If you've picked a single-cab UTE, you're probably using it for work. Nearly all contractors will have a single-cab UTE with an enormous storage room in the rear tray. They find the rear tray highly useful in their line of work. They need to store all sorts of items, tools, and machines there.

Many UTE owners will cover the rear tray with a canopy. They claim this is the best thing they've done for their vehicles and themselves. If you're wondering why, you're at the right place. We will show you five benefits of covering a single-cab UTE's rear tray with a canopy toolbox. Keep reading and learn more on this topic.

Getting unlimited storage space in the rear tray

When you cover the rear tray with a canopy toolbox, you get unlimited storage space for anything you may need when going to the construction site, camping, or any other need. A single-cab canopy is enormous and provides unlimited storage space for your items.

Dual cabs have more room for passengers and less for storage. This is the main reason why contractors prefer single-cab UTEs. A single-cab canopy is nearly 2,5 meters long on average, and this is enough to store just about anything inside. Custom-made canopies can have different dimensions, but that's all individual.

Protection all year around

When you install this kind of accessory to your vehicle, you're getting 24/7 protection for the items stored inside. Suppose you need an expensive machine at the construction site. You'll place it inside the toolbox, and you can leave it there. You don't need to take it out of the canopy every time you leave your vehicle unattended.

Moreover, if you have a canopy jack-off, you may not even take it out of the toolbox at all. Simply unmount the canopy from your vehicle, take it to the desired place, and use it directly from inside the toolbox. These mobile versions of toolbox canopies are spectacular for those who need this option.

Chance for installing additional items inside the canopy

A robust and oversized canopy toolbox fitted at the top of the rear tray means a chance to add all sorts of other toolboxes inside. As a contractor, you know how valuable owning a toolbox for smaller items is. You can't just toss everything inside a giant storage room; you need to fit everything precisely.

Install trundle drawers inside the canopy, and place a generator box or even a fridge tilting construction to keep cool beverages and food inside. Every hard-working person needs to eat and drink enough liquids while at the job, so why not do it with style?

Nearly unlimited durability of your canopy

We make our toolbox canopies from high-grade 1060 checker plate or flat plate aluminium. If you've ever used this type of aluminium, you know it is highly durable. Nothing can damage it, and thieves are almost incapable of getting through it.

Weather conditions are not a threat at all, and even a road accident will ensure your items inside are safe. Of course, we're talking about moderate accidents, not something extreme. All these issues will keep your items inside the storage safe.

Improving the looks of your UTE

Some people love the canopy looks. We offer excellent checker plate aluminium canopies, but if you prefer something else, this can be ordered custom and make your vehicle look the way you want it. Not everyone loves the same type of look, so we're open to variations.

In general, toolbox canopies create a different look that many UTE drivers love. It makes the vehicle bigger and more dominant on the road. Depending on how you design it, you can have one different from anything you've seen on Australian streets.


These few points are enough to explain how beneficial a single-cab canopy is. There are so many positive sides to owning one. Don't hesitate to call us if you need one for your vehicle. We deliver across the entire continent. Share your thoughts with us, order what you need, and enjoy your UTE's new looks and features.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 12 December 2022