5 Outdoor Activities People in Sydney Love Doing During the Weekend

With 5.3 million people, Sydney is the biggest city by population in Australia. With a top-notch location in the southeast part of the continent, the city has everything imaginable in the surrounding. The ocean dominates, but in the city's west and north parts, there are mountains, rivers, forests, and even the desert that is not too far away.

Considering that Australia is a huge land mass, driving 1000 kilometers is not too far away. For some people, though, this is simply too much. They prefer something closer. Others would gladly go to the nearby mountains and fishing spots.

It's entirely normal that everyone has their taste in adventure. In this blog post, we're sharing five top ideas to use if you're in Sydney and you don't know what to do this weekend. Check out our list, think about what you love the most, and go on an adventure in the great Australian outdoors.

Fishing by the endless shores

Everywhere you turn in Sydney, there's a perfect spot for anglers. Fishing is an activity that thousands of Sydneyiners practice daily. During the weekend, you can see most of them everywhere in and around the city. There are tons of places where they'd go.

The abundance of fish species allows all anglers to enjoy the type of fishing they prefer, from a classic bait and floating practice to a river fly fishing technique. Some of the fish are enormous, and a good angler will have plenty of material for their social media pages.

Off-road adventure with your UTE

Thousands of people regularly take their UTEs equipped with all the needed items and supplies and go on a road trip through the endless Australian lands. Stockton Beach, Barrington Trails, and the other off-road tracks are perfect for UTE drivers who enjoy this type of adventure.

If you feel like this is something for you, but you've never done it before, it's best to do some preparation first. Going on an off-road weekend means you will need a remote fridge, enough supplies, a generator placed in a specially-built generator toolbox, and a place to stay.

Some people prefer sleeping in tents, while others will use their UTEs in which they built remote bedrooms. Of course, you might need more room if you use the UTE's rear tray canopy as a bedroom, so make your calculations right and opt for the solution that fits you best.

Hiking and trekking on the Blue Mountains

Just northwest of Sydney is the Blue Mountains. A massive ridge of mountains with everything you could imagine from wildlife. Deep forests through which hiking tracks go to the mountain peaks. If you love this kind of adventure, the Blue Mountains are just for you.

They are only 60 kilometers away, so you can get there with public transportation if you don't like driving there yourself. Hiking and trekking are amazing through these parts, but you must wear safety boots to protect yourself from snakes and spiders.

These are not common situations, but being prepared is better than being sorry. Only two fatal accidents involving snakes happen in the entire continent yearly, so you should expect a lovely walk and nature enjoyment when you go to the Blue Mountains.

Diving within city limits

You may say that Sydney is the scuba diving capital of the world. There's rarely any city in the world that has multiple scuba diving centers within city limits. You can walk out of your door, drive a few blocks, and you're ready to go diving.

If you love water and underwater activities, Sydney is the city to be. Choose one of the many scuba diving schools if you're a beginner and enjoy a day of scuba diving and exploring the nearby bays and beaches. If you're skilled and experienced, all you need is the right equipment, as you probably already know the best spots.

City, countryside, and mountain biking are all available

Bikers from Sydney can enjoy biking throughout the city, in the surrounding areas, or in the nearby mountains. You will need professional equipment for this occasion, and depending on the biking you prefer, you should get an adequate bike.

Safety is a priority when it comes to biking. Cycling means going at high speeds, which being unprotected often results in severe injuries. It doesn't matter if you're going countryside biking or mountain biking; always wear a helmet, gloves, knee pads, and elbow pads. Choose the parks, the surrounding country roads, or the mountains for this adventure.


These few ideas are enough to meet the demanding needs of everyone living in Sydney. With our products, you can enjoy UTE off-road adventures. We have multiple options other than the one we mentioned, so check our page for more. If you're into other types of adventures, Sydney provides a chance to be happy in your outdoor activities.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 28 November 2022