5 Reasons to Mount a UTE Toolbox That Reaches Both Tray Sides

A UTE is a type of vehicle that users buy to get all the benefits from it – among many other things – enhanced storage space, great power and torque, comfort, and much more. If you own one, you know all these things are available, but you’d love to have more features.

If you’re thinking about getting some more improvements, you’re probably looking at parts that will make your vehicle more versatile and get a fantastic look, both at the same time. Most UTE owners will opt for some of the many features available on the market, with some choosing a toolbox canopy.

When it comes to tool boxes, you must know that the choice is enormous. Various tool boxes and canopies are available on the market, and you should pick the one that suits your needs best. One option is getting a toolbox that reaches both ends of the rear tray but leaves an open storage area for everything else you don’t want storing inside the toolbox.

If you want to improve your UTE, this is the best time to make changes to it, and if covering the rear tray from side to side is something you find interesting, keep reading and learn the benefits.

1. Access to your items from both UTE sides

Toolbox with access on all sides

When you install a toolbox that reaches both sides of your rear tray, you get a box you can access from both sides. Order one with a canopy opening on both sides, and you can use it simultaneously. There will be no need to circle the vehicle and try to find what you need while diving inside the toolbox.

Additionally, having access from both sides means you can adapt the box for various needs. Aside from storing tools and other items, you can use it as a remote kitchen, maybe a dog crate, or even as a regular storage that will carry all tools with you.

Sometimes, you can’t park your UTE with the needed side perfectly. This may cause an inability to access some items, but if you have an accessible toolbox from both sides, you can manage the situation and do what is best for the given circumstance.

2. Better vehicle aerodynamics

If constructed properly, the toolbox stretching from one side to the other will add aerodynamics to your vehicle. You might ask why this is important, and the answer is it is highly important for your steering and gas consumption.

UTEs are vehicles with poor aerodynamics because of the rear tray. It produces a swirl of air in the back, slowing the entire car down. This causes a significantly higher amount of gas consumption, which you can reduce by mounting a toolbox that will affect the aerodynamics of the vehicle.

With it, you will spend less on gas and achieve better control over the vehicle. Excellent aerodynamics mean improved steering and faster reaction to sharp corners and avoiding collision.

3. Balanced weight distribution

Some people will add a toolbox that covers only one side of the vehicle or an undertray toolbox, which is a fantastic solution in some cases but can change the weight distribution of the vehicle if you’re not careful. The weight must be equal on both sides, so an end-to-end toolbox is a great solution.

Disbalance or improper weight distribution can lead to poor control over your vehicle. In a situation like this, you might find yourself in situations where steering is difficult. With this problem, accidents are common. Don’t risk something like this, and get equal weight distribution.

4. Maintaining the versatility of the vehicle

The best feature of the toolbox canopy that covers part of the tray but reaches both sides is maintaining the versatility of the UTE. Utility vehicles are known for their enormous storage capacities, so mounting this toolbox canopy will give you a covered storage area and an open tray.

If you cover the entire tray, you won’t maintain the versatility. If you add just an undertray toolbox or a small plastic removal canopy, you won’t get the most of the UTE’s value. If you don’t know how to mount it yourself, you can always ask the pros how to mount a canopy to tray toolbox.

5. Getting an improved look

Finally, why not have a fantastic look at the vehicle you’re driving? The performance of the vehicle, how comfortable it is, and other stuff are highly valuable, but the looks are also important. Everyone loves a good-looking ride.

Installing a toolbox canopy of this kind can significantly improve the look. Think about what type of material, size, and shape would work best for you and order this type of box. You will surely be thrilled when you see it parked in the driveway.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 30 January 2024