5 Things to Mind when Looking for Aluminium UTE Canopy Manufacturers

When you’re looking for an aluminium UTE canopy toolbox, you’re looking for the ultimate best item the market offers. You don’t want a second-hand toolbox but a premium-made canopy that will look, feel and use perfectly.

Various companies in Australia will claim their products are the best. We can say the same with all the facts standing behind us, but at the end of the day, the customers decide who the best is. Choosing a UTE canopy manufacturer is often an individual decision, but if you’re not sure which ones are the best, you should follow some general rules.

There are five mean things to mind when trying to find the best manufacturer for UTE canopies. Go through them, and you’ll realize which company is the best for you personally. If one manufacturer proves perfect in all five, that’s the one for you. Follow up and see what these five things are.

Quality of materials and work must be number one

Toolbox canopies are mainly made of stainless steel, plastic, titanium, and aluminium. The best material that provides the best value for money is, by far, aluminium. Although titanium is the most durable, lightweight, flexible, and indestructible, it is also way more expensive than any other option.

While offering little difference, most users opt for aluminium instead. It is more affordable and has excellent qualities. However, even aluminium has its differences. Not every type of aluminium is the same, so you must check the aluminium grade the manufacturer uses to make their UTE canopies.

At OZY Toolbox, we use 1060 checker plate or flat plate aluminium, which is proven to be an excellent grade of this material. Our toolboxes are strong, durable, and lightweight.

Search for experience

The company manufacturing and installing toolboxes must be skilled and experienced in what they do. The people working in these companies must have at least five years of experience, preferably even more. An inexperienced crew might charge less for their products, but you can be sure they’ll provide a product with many flaws.

It’s not simple nor easy working with checker plate aluminium. We often get orders for bespoke canopies, and without experience from the past, we wouldn’t be able to provide the required service. Our customers would be unhappy if we didn’t practice in the past to create and deliver flawless toolbox canopies.

Check out the company’s reputation

As mentioned above, reputation means everything for a company these days, and every manufacturer has a quality score on the internet. Every client can check how well they are doing and how satisfied previous clients were with their work and attitude.

We’re happy to say that we maintain a solid 5/5 score on Google Reviews from more than 115 satisfied clients. You shouldn’t accept anything less, as you want only the best for your vehicle and yourself. Spending money on aluminium UTE boxes means you want someone delivering a top-notch product, and only those proven to be fantastic can do this.

Versatility of products

Not everyone needs a toolbox canopy strictly, and when you first install one toolbox, chances are you won’t stop there. You’ll want a trundle drawer next, an undertray toolbox, a top lid canopy instead of a regular one, and other things that will make your vehicle more versatile and useful.

Choosing a manufacturer with nothing else in their portfolio but that one product means they can’t answer your needs later. Choose a company that has enough products that you might want later. Every UTE owner knows they are planning an upgrade, but they are not sure when this will happen, so choosing a manufacturer with options for the future is a must.

Do they provide a warranty and service after the purchase

What’s a product these days without a warranty? What if it turns out that the manufacturer didn’t do a great job, and your toolbox disconnects while you’re driving? You want a company that will stand behind its product and provide a warranty.

OZY Toolbox provides a minimum of 12-month warranty for all products, with the pro series being 18 months. We also have a 7-day return policy with no questions asked. That’s what you should be looking for in the manufacturer providing a canopy toolbox. If they can’t provide a warranty, they are not sure about the quality of their products.


When searching for the best toolbox canopy manufacturer, you must consider these five points. Always look for a skilled and experienced company that offers quality aluminium products. Check their reputation and ask for a warranty. If they also have a line of products you may use later, you’re at the right place. Never settle for less when searching for a UTE canopy toolbox.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 19 December 2022