5 Tips for Installing a Cross-Deck Toolbox in Australia

Thinking and dreaming about upgrading and improving your UTE is entirely normal. Everyone does it. Your UTE has multiple options and many items you can include on the basic look – from roof racks to ladders to tool boxes.

Australia is known for its UTE culture. Many people use these vehicles for more than just commuting to work. UTEs are excellent for off-road trips and all kinds of different outdoor adventures. However, owning a UTE is not enough, and you must adjust them for the wilderness.

Many options are available if you want to upgrade your vehicle and turn it into something suitable for your next adventure. Of course, one of the essential items you must own is the toolbox. If you don’t want to cover the entire rear tray, you might want to install a cross-deck toolbox.

The cross deck toolbox is installed side-to-side from one end to the other but leaves the rest of the tray open. If you’re thinking about installing something like this, keep reading to see the most valuable tips you must know when doing it.

1. Look up the state’s rules and regulations

Every state in Australia has different rules and regulations when it comes to driving with additional equipment over the rear tray. Not all allow the same dimensions, looks, and additional items, so you must do thorough research and find out what is allowed and what is not.

Also, you must know that what is legal in one state might not be in another, so risking this is not the smartest thing to do. If you’re planning to go camping or visit an off-road track in another state, you must be sure that you have your toolbox optimized for the trip.

2. If you’re mounting it yourself, ensure you know how to do it

Many companies will ship a particular toolbox to your home address. However, the box needs to be mounted to your vehicle. Every toolbox is different, and you need skills and experience to mount it yourself. It may seem simple, but it never is.

You may order a simple caravan drawbar toolbox or a robust toolbox UTE canopy, but in both cases, you will need some drilling, screwing and precision. If you don’t add it perfectly, many issues may arise later from your lack of skills.

Instead, you might want to ask a professional to do it. There are lots of shops that design, develop, and install various boxes. They have true professionals working there that will know how to get the job done right. If you feel confident, you can always do this yourself.

3. Search for an excellent shop with skilled professionals

With many different toolbox shops, you must find the one that will be perfect for you and your needs. Check out some of the available ones nearby and find out more about them. In the Melbourne and Sydney area, there are dozens of excellent shops, so check out a bit more about them online.

Find out about their work. Read some reviews from previous customers and check out their experience in the business. Those who have been around long enough are usually an excellent choice. Those who enjoy a great reputation among their customers are also a great fit.

Hiring professionals to get the job done is an excellent idea. This will end your worries about whether you can do it yourself and if you do a poor job mounting the box. A professional can’t go wrong, and even if they do, you can always return and ask them to fix what they’ve done.

4. Wear some safety equipment while working

Tool boxes are robust items that may hurt you if you don’t handle them well. Always wear all available safety equipment when mounting one of them on your vehicle. Think about safety gloves, goggles, and some protective clothes. A helmet is also a wise idea, as one tiny miscalculation and a piece of the metal might go straight to your head.

If you go to the toolbox shop, you’ll see that the pros are doing the same. If they are doing it, and they are confident in their moves, you should be doing it, too. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to mount a big canopy or a tiny under tray tool box.

5. Think of all the details before ordering the toolbox

Once you order a toolbox, there’s no going back. Think about all the details before ordering it. Think about the design, the material, the colour, and the size of the toolbox.

If you own a UTE that has specific dimensions and you can’t find a proper cross-deck toolbox, you can order one custom-made. Once you have the box in your hands, it’s hard to make changes that will help you fit inside the rear tray, so think of all the details before ordering.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 31 October 2023