5 Uses of the Toolbox Canopy for UTE Installed in the Rear Tray

Driving a UTE means you know how to be practical. UTE drivers are, by a rule, people who know the benefits of owning such a vehicle. They surely had the option to buy a city car that would take them from one place to another, but they've chosen a utility vehicle, which offers so much more.

UTEs are magnificent because they are more powerful, provide way more room for the passenger and the items you're carrying and are used for various needs. Installing additional equipment means upgrading the vehicle to an entirely different level.

One of the items that most UTE owners love installing is the toolbox canopy. With many options available, the toolbox canopy is the perfect add-on because it is used for many things. In this blog, we talk about a few of them. We will discuss the benefits of the aluminium canopy available in our shop and how you can use it. Keep reading and see more on this.

Wider storage availability

One of the best things about UTEs is their nearly unlimited storage space in the rear tray. The simplicity of putting all the bags from the grocery store in the back and driving home without struggling to place everything inside a tiny boot is fabulous.

The only problem in this picture is the chance for your bags to fly off the tray when you hit a bump in the road. Instead of risking all your belongings, install an aluminium canopy in the back and never worry about losing anything.

The rear tray with a canopy installed keeps the storage size but ensures the safety of the items you place inside. Canopies are easily opened, and an automated version is also available with modern technology. Having a canopy in the rear tray means upgrading the usefulness of your UTE.

Remote bedroom for travellers and campers

Are you a travelling fan? Do you love spending time in nature? If the answer is yes, you've probably already had countless nights spent outdoors in a tent, but modern times allow travellers to sleep more comfortably and safely now.

Going on road trips and off-road adventures with your UTE means you can transform the rear tray into a remote bedroom. Instead of buying a caravan and spending enormous amounts, you can do the same by investing in a canopy. Many people use this option now.

The canopy installed is big enough to provide an excellent sleeping opportunity. Instead of carrying a tent and struggling to create a perfect sleeping spot, you can leave the tent at home and use the canopy as a remote bedroom.

Pet transportation

When you have a pet and can't leave it at home, you'll surely decide to take it with you when you're going outside. Most people will put their pets in the backseat, but this is rather dangerous. They'll jump off their seat with just a slight defocus from the surroundings.

You don't want to risk your life and theirs when they jump off and endanger everyone while you're behind the wheel. Instead, place them in a specialized canopy crate that will make them feel safe, calm, and comfortable. Dogs and cats are used to their own resting spot, and once they get accustomed, they'll enjoy every ride.

Mobile toolbox for contractors

Working as a contractor means you need different tools at any given time with you on the construction site. When you live at home, you must have everything with you. There's no option to leave half of the tools at home and go back for them.

Owning a toolbox canopy means you don't have to worry about not having this option. When you have a toolbox canopy in the rear tray of your UTE, you're sure that everything you need and own can fit inside. Whether simple tools for everyday tasks or robust machines, chances are they'll fit inside the canopy and stay safe and intact until you need them.

Perfect storage for all outdoors-needed items

We mentioned going on road trips and outdoor adventures with your UTE and how a remote bedroom might be a great idea, but what about those who don't like sleeping in their UTEs?

The canopy in the rear tray is still useful for them because camping in nature requires so many items. A remote fridge, storage for utensils, jars, plates, a coffee machine, a power generator, bikes to go mountain biking, and many other things are needed on camping trips.

All of them will easily fit in the toolbox canopy. Your camping and outdoor adventure will never be the same without a canopy. It provides enormous value on your nature trips. Install one, and see the difference between going with and without it.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 21 November 2022