6 Benefits Of Installing a Low Profile Tool Box

Installing a toolbox over the rear tray benefits your UTE and your adventures. There are so many options available when you think of the right one that it is sometimes impossible to choose the perfect model when thinking about what to get.

Among the many robust boxes, there are also the more compact options. One is the low-profile toolbox – an option often seen as a light version of a classic toolbox. You can always get a classic aluminium truck box, but is this the best solution?

What is a low-profile toolbox?

We call it a low-profile box because of its height. A standard toolbox can stretch high above the bed level, but a low-profile one is smaller and more convenient. It is still a fully functional toolbox but has a few different features that many UTE owners love.

If you’re wondering whether this option is an interesting one and whether you should get it, keep reading to find out if it is for you. We will highlight some of the most valuable reasons why you should get one and what are the benefits that come with it.

1. Improved aerodynamics of the vehicle

We all know that trucks are not the most sporty vehicles. Their aerodynamics are poor, and it’s great if we do something about this because it improves the overall experience while driving it. Aside from improving gas consumption, improved aerodynamics also provides better control over the steering.

Although standard boxes also change the aerodynamics of the UTE, the low-profile models are the best in this area. Their lower height allows air to flow around the body of the vehicle, making it more sporty and air-resisting.

2. Excellent rear view from the driver’s cabin

Installing a robust toolbox worsens the rear view from the driver’s cabin. It may be excellent for many other things, but drivers will find themselves in situations when they can’t see what’s behind them when looking in the rearview mirror.

A low-profile toolbox is much better when you have this in mind. It is the best solution if you want to have a clear vision in the back. The lower height will allow you to see over the top and easily see what’s happening on the road.  

3. Better looks of the entire UTE

Many love how a truck canopy tool box changes the appearance of the vehicle, but others are not so fond of it. Others prefer a more ordinary look, and the low-profile box is the best of both worlds. It is a toolbox, but also a small enough piece that changes the vehicle just enough.

The low-profile box is the perfect option for those who need tool boxes for their adventures or work but still want to keep a cool UTE look. With so many options available, you can choose from one of the many options that are perfect for your needs.

4. Simpler access to the items inside

One of the best features of these tool boxes is the simple access to the items inside. You don’t have to install ladders or climb on top of the box to reach inside. You don’t need heavy complex canopies to get inside. The low-profile boxes are accessible instantly.

Their size and simplicity allow users to reach inside instantly. With doors opening sideways or above the toolbox and a height that will not make it difficult to reach something, you can use them in all situations and for everything you need.

5. Easier installation process

You can always take the vehicle to the pros and ask them to install the box. However, many users will love doing this process alone. They will order the box through the mail and install it themselves. The only problem with enormous tool boxes is that they are heavy and hard to work with.

You often need help from another person to pick it up and place it over the bed. The installation is not easy and almost impossible without a helping hand. The low-profile boxes are smaller, easier to handle, and simpler to install, which is another reason you might want them instead of something else.

6. Lower gas consumption

We mentioned this one earlier, but aside from the improved aesthetics, there’s another thing you should mind when thinking about getting a low-profile box and how it will affect your gas consumption – the weight of the toolbox.

A smaller box weighs less than a big one. Both are made of the same materials and can significantly change gas consumption. The second one is smaller and more lightweight. If you have this issue and want to save on gas bills, a smaller box will be the perfect option. Just look at our offer, and find the best one.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 15 February 2024