6 Best 4WD Tracks In Australia for Off-road Adventure Lovers

Off-road adventures are something that everyone should experience at least once in their lives. Owning a UTE with a 4-wheel drive and never going on an adventure through off-road regions is simply a waste of opportunity.

If you’ve never been on this type of trip, you should choose an easier track, and if you feel experienced enough, you should go with one considered advanced level.

Choose one of our tool boxes for UTEs, install it in the rear tray, fill it up with necessities, and take the challenge. It may be the best thing you ever did in your life. Keep reading to see the best six Australian off-road tracks to take with your UTE.

Stockton Beach

Although one of the shortest tracks for 4WD off-road lovers with just 53 km from Williamtown to Anna Bay, this track is spectacular and one of the most wanted because of its sightseeing and fantastic sand to drive on.

The difficulty is between easy and medium and is the perfect option for those wanting to try off-road adventures a bit more seriously than just driving their UTE or vehicle on a straight paved road. There are sand dunes, rutted beachfront, and sand patches that will be enough for everyone’s enjoyment.

Gunbarrel Highway

Gunbarrel Highway is best during colder months - from April to September. The total distance from Wiluna to Yulara is 1420 km and is expected to give you four full days of 4WD pleasure. It is known as the most rugged track, which only the most experienced can handle.

There are numerous places to visit, but before going on the road, you will need permits from Ngaanyatjarra and Central Land Councils.

Only go on the road and take this track if you’re truly experienced. The distance is enormous and something that most countries in the world can’t provide without leaving their borders. There’s everything to expect in this track, so be fully prepared.

Birdsville Track

In the middle of Australia, there’s the Birdsville Track. With a total distance of 534 km from Marree to Birdsville, this track is considered to be a true native and authentic experience. Created as a cattle route, it follows an original stock path.

The best time to take it is during the colder months, from April to October, making it perfect for travellers who want to experience just about anything. Surrounded by lakes and countryside, this track is excellent for adventurers of all kinds. There’s everything to expect, not just harsh terrain but also kangaroos, kettle, and emus, jumping in front of you without notice.

Binns Track

If you want to experience literally anything you could think of, you’ll want to take the enormous Binns track. Going from Mount Dare to Timber Creek, the entire track takes a staggering 2191 km. Those who dare to drive it all the way will need around ten days to get from point A to point B.

This one is only for the most experienced ones and only for vehicles that can withhold the challenge. With everything to expect, it takes a fully prepared vehicle and a highly-trained driver to go through everything.

Canning Stock Route

Another stock route to enjoy if you love taking the steps that our ancestors took decades and centuries ago. The Canning Stock Route is an 1800 km track that is best between May and August. It is an old stock route that follows multiple natural wells used to refresh the stock.

Today, it’s one of the best routes in the world. Although it is entirely off-road and away from civilization, this route is regularly visited by outdoor lovers and adventurers from across the globe.

The Old Telegraph Track

As number one, we picked the Old Telegraph track from the North. This track was once the only communication line in the northern parts of the continent and is now an excellent course for outdoor and off-road lovers.

Also known as the York Cape Track, it is 848 km long and takes 24 days to go through it all. Filled with all kinds of challenging terrains, it is a track that is not for beginners. If you don’t feel experienced enough, choosing some of the others would be better as they are more suitable for non-experienced travellers.


These six tracks are part of the many off-road tracks in Australia that provide joy and fun for people who love outdoor adventures. If you own a UTE and want to spend a few days in nature, taking the challenge and solving everything it throws, an off-road track is what you want.

Of course, ensure you have a 4WD vehicle and take it to the mechanics to see if it works perfectly. If it does, and you’re ready for the challenge, go and have some fun.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 15 August 2022