6 Best Camping Sites in South Australia

The state of South Australia is relatively small in population but enormous in land. With around 1,8 million people living in this state, the land is almost a million square kilometres. It makes almost a person per square kilometre, but because Adelaide alone has around 1.3 million people, this state is almost entirely empty.

Being empty means huge lands for off-road lovers to explore and enjoy. There's almost anything you may think of available. From stunning beaches to drive through to deserts to forests full of vegetation. If you're an outdoors lover, you'll enjoy exploring South Australia.

In this blog post, we share six fantastic camping locations in South Australia that every outdoor adventurer must visit. From well-maintained parks made specifically for travellers to untouched areas that almost no one ever visited. Follow up if you want to find the best places to go with your UTE.

Rawnsley Park Station

Between Lake Torrens and Lake Frome, there's the amazing Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park. In the south region of the park is the Rawnsley park station. A perfect location for all UTE lovers and drivers who love an exceptional experience on their travels into the great outdoors.

Some 420 kilometres north of Adelaide, this place offers a unique experience. The camp is fully equipped with everything you need, even a pool, but the wild lands are perfect for a UTE adventure. With wild vegetation and mountains made perfectly for a 4wd ride, even the most novice drivers are able to finish the course.

Deep Creek

Just 100 kilometres south of Adelaide, there's the popular Deep Creek camping location that people from Adelaide simply love. It's a short ride there, and even 2wd vehicles can get there to enjoy some of the most spectacular views, fresh air, and stunning nature.

With enormous wildlife and many plants not seen in other places around the continent, people can find fabulous plants, see rare animal species, and enjoy walks in peace. People who love hiking will enjoy this place as they have multiple options.

Perlubie Beach Campground

The most notable part of the South Australian state is the Eyre peninsula. Looking just like the subcontinent of India, it is a peninsula full of life and sites worth visiting. In the northwest part of the peninsula is the Perlubie Beach Campground - a place for all beach camping lovers.

If you pick this one as your camping location, you will enjoy some of the best sunsets you have ever experienced in your life. Facing west, the sun sets in the deep ocean providing spectacular views. People choose this camping site for its fabulous, almost movie-like beaches and the amazing weather.

Vivonne Bay

Vivonne Bay is a camping site on Kangaroo Island. Getting there is easy if you drive from Adelaide - it takes almost four hours, and you get to ride a ferry. There's also an aeroplane option, so it's up to you to choose what you prefer.

Vivonne Bay is located in the island's south and is the best camping option. It has clear-green waters and sandy beaches and is an attractive location. Adelaide families love it, and some of them visit this place more times yearly. It's a fantastic summer location with perfect temperatures and various features to enjoy.

Kuitpo Forest

Just off Adelaide, in the Fleurieu Peninsula region, the Kuitpo Forest offers amazing experiences for everyone who loves the outdoors. It's perfect for driving a UTE there, as the sites are only accessible with an off-road vehicle, so don't forget to install a toolbox for caravan or UTE.

Although the information centre and the surroundings are perfectly equipped and helpful for every adventurer, the true joy comes with setting camp in the deep forests of eucalypt trees. Setting up a camp here means enjoying an amazing view of the night sky, a spectacular scent in the air, and sounds of nature unlike anywhere else.

Dhilba Gurranda-Innes National Park

At the very end of the Yorke Peninsula, you'll find the amazing Dhilba Guuranda-Innes National Park. Owned and run by indigenous owners, it is a chance for adventurers to learn more about the Narrunga people, their way of life, traditions, and culture.

Seven campgrounds are available, and almost all are accessible for caravans, trailers, and vans. It means that this can be your final destination and a great place to rest after some 300 kilometres of driving from Adelaide.


These six camping sites are perfect for adventurers and camping lovers. Get your camping equipment, prepare for nature, and enjoy an adventure that might be the best one so far. Practice safety and learn in more detail what you can expect. Always have a first-aid kit with you, and enjoy every second spent on these sites.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 4 January 2023