6 Garage Storage Solutions Available in Australia

Are you one of those people who use the garage to store everything you're not using in the house but are not willing to throw it away immediately? Many people do this, but you can use the garage for much more valuable things.

If you're parking your car outside, and your garage looks like a dumpster, this is your wake-up call to reorganize and revamp your garage. It's time to improve things and turn the chaos into a fabulous garage ready for a magazine's cover photoshoot.

Having no ideas about what to do, we're here to help. First, throw everything out, select what you need to keep and what will go into the garbage, and then install the new items that will provide the perfect storage. Keep reading to see the best storage solutions available in Australia.

Aluminium drawer toolbox

With so many toolboxes available, it's your job to know the right measurements, find out about your budget, and pick the best aluminium drawer toolbox for your garage. You might want to get more than one if you have too many items.

Aluminium drawer toolboxes are highly versatile and provide storage for all sorts of items, not just tools. It's important to get a toolbox that is durable and strong. This is where you'll store some expensive and valuable tools, so the storage item must be flawless.

Wall shelves

Aside from drawers and closed storage spaces, you should also install open wall shelves, and you can place various items on them. The garage is where most people keep their tools and items needed for around the house, but this is also where other things regularly go.

When you take everything out to reorganize, you'll return at least 30% of the items, and they need to go somewhere. To keep the place neat, you'll need to store these things in dedicated places. Wall shelves will be of significant value for you for this task.

Cork tool hanger

You should place a cork tool hanger for smaller items and tools that can hang. You know, just like those boards where you can place post-it notes, but this time with tools and smaller items.

It's best to use this one for tools that are frequently used. Items like screwdrivers, hammers, and pliers. These three items are constantly used for various needs around the house, so it's best to have them easily accessible. What's better than having them right by the door and knowing they are always there when you need them in a hurry?

Ceiling hanger

When you have all the walls covered with toolboxes, drawers, shelves, and item boards, you realize there is no more room for other things. However, you still need to place the family bikes somewhere, for example, and the only place available is the ceiling.

If you think that this is a useless space, think again. Many garage owners see the roof as the first place to hang some of their items. Install a simple mechanism that will raise these items to the ceiling, and you're free to put the bikes on the ceiling. Now you still have the floor free and clean, while the ceiling holds everything you wanted to store in the first place.

Use the walls for everything that can hang

Don't leave an open spot on the walls in your garage. The garage is not a standard house room, so you don't have to worry about the interior design. Garages are expected to look different, so use the walls to make them look like you're in a tool market.

If you don't have shelves or toolboxes on the walls, place the same hangers we mentioned when we talked about the ceiling. Use them to place items as high as possible and take them off your walking path.

Use plastic containers and glass jars for small items

Using plastic containers and glass jars for all the small items is the best way to make sure that everything is stored properly. Nails, stickers, screws, and similar items are often lost due to our negligence, but if you have them all sorted where they should be, this would not be a problem.

Plastic containers and glass jars are see-through, so you will always know what's inside. You can place a small sticker on them showcasing the type and size of screws so you don't try all of them one by one.


These six tips and ideas should help you make a successfully functional garage that will look fabulous. If you manage to do all this, your garage will have enough storage for anything you think of, regardless of its size. Follow these tips, install the needed items, and enjoy spending time inside the garage.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 7 November 2022