6 Off-Road Accessories Every UTE Must Have

Owning a UTE means you've made a great life choice regarding the transportation solution. UTEs, or Utility Vehicles, are more than cars and less than trucks. They are just what people need to commute from one place to another and have enough storage for every possible need.

Most people who own a UTE will use it for much more than just driving to work or school. These people are contractors, have other businesses that need enough storage, or love the benefits of the UTE for their outdoor adventures and needs.

If you love going on off-road trips and enjoy raw nature, you know how valuable a fully equipped vehicle is. When you're a beginner, there's always something you find out that you're missing, and opt for it on your next trip.

In this blog post, we're sharing six essential off-road accessories every UTE must have installed. You'll need these items if you want the best off-road experience and a perfect trip through the vast Australian lands. Follow up and see what they are.

Toolbox canopy in the rear tray

The rear tray is an excellent opportunity to store your luggage. However, when you're going on an off-road trip, you risk everything placed back there falling off on the first road bump. You must protect your belongings, and there's no better way to do it than installing a toolbox canopy.

We have dozens of different options. They are all made of aluminium, which is by far the best material for building toolbox canopies. Aluminium is durable yet lightweight. It won't add significant weight to your vehicle and will protect your items against uneven road issues, thieves, and harsh weather conditions.

Trundle drawers

The canopy is a vast storage item, but sometimes, you don't need to store enormous items. You need a place to place the first-aid kit, some small tools you use frequently, fire matches, and other stuff. You need a place where these items will be easily accessible.

The best item for these needs is the trundle drawer with a lid. Pulled out from underneath the vehicle and opened through the top lid, it is the perfect solution for storing smaller items. Most trundle drawers do not have lids, which are tough to go through. The lid allows users to see what's inside the drawer easily.

Undertray toolbox

Another solution to use the undertray area completely is the undertray toolbox. These boxes are a bit bigger than the trundle drawers and are not pulled away on the side. Instead, drivers have access to them only by reaching in.

Still, installed on the sides of all wheels, they provide significant storage space for many different needs. With UTEs being robust and tray toolboxes often inaccessible in an emergency, the undertray toolboxes are the perfect solution for these moments.

Roof rack

Suppose you have a log cabin and want a new sofa transported there. There's no delivery from the store, so you must organize the transport yourself. The roof rack provides unlimited storage and is perfect for this situation. Simply place the sofa on the top of your UTE, and you're good to go.

Items that are longer than usual and won't fit inside the rear tray or the toolbox you have installed there can go up on the roof. A simple installation of aluminium bars is found helpful in various off-road situations. Hunters love it because this is where their big catch goes. A big wild deer won't fit anywhere else, so the roof rack is the ultimate solution.

Ladder for getting on top of the canopy

You often need to get up there when you have a robust toolbox installed. If the toolbox has a top opening, there's no other way to reach in but by climbing on top of your vehicle. Toolbox canopies will have side openings, but some toolboxes are different, and many people can't reach the top.

The ladder is even more significant when you set the camping tent on top of your vehicle. A ladder is essential in these cases. Most tents installed on top of vehicles come with ladders, but there's no better solution than having one fixed perfectly on your car.

Tub Liners for the rear tray

If you're unsure about covering the entire rear tray with a toolbox, you might want to try UTE tub liners. These toolboxes are placed in the rear tray right over the wheels and make excellent covered storage for items that are not huge. When you're going off-road, having at least a small locked toolbox is crucial, and this one is perfect.

The UTE tub liner is made of checker plate aluminium and is nearly indestructible. Thieves can't open it as it has a special lock, and weather conditions mean nothing to it. Your items will be perfectly safe inside.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 7 December 2022