6 Reasons to Install a Cross Deck Toolbox

UTEs are vehicles with so many options and benefits for their owners. Aside from being able to carry more load and go through all sorts of terrains, they are also highly versatile in terms of organization.

A standard UTE comes with a bed in the rear part that can load various items. Most people will store, not only tools, but many other things needed for their trip. It doesn’t matter if it’s going to the grocery store, camping or working, UTEs are excellent for everything.

When trying to create the perfect UTE setup, you need the ideaj storage solution. These vehicles are enormous, but you must install the right toolbox to see them fully functional. One of the best options is called a cross-deck toolbox.

What is a cross-deck toolbox?

A cross-deck toolbox is a piece of equipment installed over the rear UTE bed. It provides extended storage space and better organization of your tools or other items you’re planning to carry. Cross deck tool boxes come in various sizes, shapes, and materials.

They may fill the entire rear bed of your UTE or only a part of it. Depending on your needs and wishes, the toolbox can be arranged differently, which makes it a contractor’s best friend. This toolbox is installed across the deck and is accessible from both sides.

Extended storage area

Installing a toolbox means extending the storage area of your vehicle. Although it may not look this way, as you’re covering an open area where everything can fit, you’re getting more storage because you can’t load bigger items without providing protection.

You might transport things on short distances without traffic around, but if you want to drive, you’re risking items to fall out. Installing a toolbox means creating wide and high storage area where many tools and personal items can fit in.

Enhanced safety of the cargo

Transporting often means stopping at gas stations, open parking lots, and places where thieves will easily reach over the bed to steal what you have inside. When you own a toolbox, you provide the best possible protection.

Add a lock that you can open with a key only you have. Aluminium tool boxes are known as lightweight but extremely durable and safe. No burglar can cut through this toolbox without using heavy machines creating extreme noise and attracting attention to themselves.

Protection against all weather conditions

Aside from burglars, an even bigger concern for everyone transporting items is the weather. The hot sun during the summer, heavy rain and hail during the rainy season, and the snow in the winter may be a tough challenge for every UTE owner.

These tool boxes will provide the necessary protection against all weather conditions. You will never worry about your belongings, no matter where you’re going and what you’re doing - camping, contracting jobs, commuting to work, or anything else.

Improved looks of your UTE

Aside from the many transport benefits, installing a cross-deck toolbox also has an appearance benefit. Owning one of these tool boxes means transforming the looks of your UTE. Many users will add one because it makes the vehicle look much better than it already is.

They will add a specific design, paint it differently or add a personalized touch. When they are driving through the city streets, the vehicle will catch the attention of nearby pedestrians.

Higher resale value

Once you create the perfect setup, you’re getting a vehicle that has lots of benefits and helps you do your daily job and tasks. Simultaneously, it gives you an asset that has value. If you’re one day planning to sell your vehicle, you can offer it at a higher price.

The resale value of the UTE becomes higher as everyone’s looking for a vehicle that has additional equipment on it. Your investment in a toolbox of this kind will pay off when you try to sell it.

Better organization and accessibility of your items

Being a contractor means you must always carry lots of tools with you and use them daily. With dozens of different tools many contractors lose track of where they’ve placed the one they need. A toolbox of this kind provides the best organisation, providing perfect accessibility.

The cross-deck toolbox is often in the shape of a canopy and is accessible from both sides. The contractor can reach inside and use the toolbox that was previously installed. Additionally adding drawers, shelves, and other organizational items will improve the functionality even more.


These six points show the benefits of installing cross-deck tool boxes. These boxes are an excellent way to handle the contractor needs, camping ideas, and many other things. Getting one means enjoying your trips but also creating a more valuable UTE with a higher resale value.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 11 September 2023