6 Reasons to Install Ladder Bars on Your UTE

UTE drivers want the best for their vehicles. They’re trying to make constant improvements and add parts that will make them even more versatile. If you’re driving a UTE, you’re often loading the rear tray with all sorts of items that add weight to it, thus, you’re seriously affecting the capabilities of your suspension system.

The ladder bars, not to be confused with ladder racks or roof racks, are an addition that goes under the tray and reinforces the strength and stability of the suspension system. These parts are made of titanium, steel, or sometimes even aluminium. They have many uses and reasons to be installed, especially if you’re off-roading.

When going off-road, your UTE will act differently than when you’re driving it around the city. The surface is uneven, which causes your tires to act differently when you push the gas pedal. The torque may cause your vehicle to experience a wheel hop, which is a problem. If you want to know all of the reasons why you need the ladder bars, keep reading and see more.

Better traction

When you drive through uneven terrains, like going off-road, your vehicle will surely experience problems, and you’ll struggle to steer it right. When you install the ladder bars, you will quickly achieve perfect traction, as these items will push the wheels to the ground.

Ladder bars installed on your vehicle mean you will always have all four wheels glued to the ground in all situations. This will allow you to easily overcome difficult situations when you need to use the force of all four wheels and the entire torque power of your vehicle.

Unlimited load weight

If you have a large tool box installed in the back of your UTE, filled with all sorts of items, you may experience difficulty in driving properly. Even UTEs have a limited weight capacity. A lot of weight will cause various problems for your vehicle.

When you add ladder bars, you’re relieving the pressure on the wheels and the suspension. The weight goes on the ladder bars that act as mediators between the weight and the parts we mentioned. That gives you the chance to place everything you need, no matter how heavy it is, and transport it from one place to another.

Improved control of the vehicle

The wheel hop is more common than you think, especially when you try to accelerate quickly. In these situations, your vehicle will start bouncing because the wheels have no perfect grip on the surface underneath. The ladder bars will help them achieve this.

The ladder bars will control the wheels, allowing them to get the perfect grip every time. This will prevent the wheel hop and regain complete control over the steering process. A vehicle that isn’t moving in a straight line is extremely tough to control.

Safe driving

When you’re driving heavy loads or want to go really fast, the functionality of all pieces connected to your vehicle is essential for driving safely. One small problem and you may lose control over the steering, or a part of the vehicle may get damaged, which in off-road situations may mean a total disaster.

The ladder bars will allow you to always be in control of the situation, no matter the terrain, the speed, and the weight. Suppose you have a UTE undertray toolbox installed, that is close to the ground. You must be perfectly sure that your wheels can withhold the challenge so that this toolbox stays intact.

Reducing the stress on the drivetrain

Another thing to worry about when you don’t have ladder bars installed, and you’re carrying heavy loads is the functionality of the entire drivetrain. When the vehicle is under pressure, all parts suffer and may start malfunctioning one by one.

A wheel hop will be a serious test for all of the drivetrain components, like the differential, transmission, or driveshaft. To keep everything safe means cancelling the chance of the axle wrap, wheel hop, and all the other issues we already mentioned.

Better towing

If you have ever towed a trailer behind your UTE, or a caravan, you know how driving can be different. Almost all rules that apply to your vehicle are cancelled and you need to drive carefully and mind many other things.

Among the other stuff, you will experience a difference in how your vehicle behaves with the trailer in the back. You will get the feeling that you have no complete control over the situation, especially if you make sudden turns or drive faster.

The ladder bars will help you solve this issue. They improve the stability of the rear axis, with it adding better control and connection between the vehicle and the trailer. You won’t experience fishtailing or swaying, as the entire combination has perfect traction altogether.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 21 August 2023