6 Reasons Why You Should Invest In a Flawless Tray Headboard

When personalizing your UTE and thinking about the rear tray, you must think of perfectly solving many points. One is the tray headboard - an essential part that differentiates the tray from the cabin and the rest of the UTE.

The tray can be turned into so many things. Many people will install extended aluminium UTE toolboxes, others prefer a tonneau, while some will leave an open tub, in which they can quickly and simply toss their belongings in any given situation.

In all of these cases, a tray headboard is crucial for many reasons. In this blog post, we’re talking more about this essential part of your vehicle. We will explain what are the benefits of it, and why it’s wise to add one. Keep reading and find out more.

Cargo security

When you’re transporting anything in your UTE, it needs to be perfectly secured. You’ll probably tie the items and ensure they aren’t going anywhere, but sudden stops may cause them to lose control and hit the cabin. That’s exactly where the tray headboard plays its most important role.

The headboard will prevent damage to the cabin caused by the cargo but will also protect the cargo from getting damaged. The aluminium or metal headboard will absorb the impact and protect both sides.

Added aesthetics and great design

A UTE without a headboard looks entirely different from the one with it. This item can significantly improve the looks of your truck. When you think about designing it yourself and adding details that will make it more appealing, you realize that you can truly turn your UTE into a unique piece of machinery.

Many will use this chance to make a statement. They will add specific colours or paint a logo over it. When you own a UTE with one specific colour, you can turn this part of the tray into something else and create a truly personalized look.

Protection of the cabin

As mentioned earlier, the headboard is the only item that keeps the cargo from hitting your cabin and inflicting damage. Additionally, it will protect your cabin from all the dirt and debris that fly around when you drive.

If you’re going through country roads or parts where lots of debris is laying around, you will surely see how small rocks and other stuff fly around under the impact of the tires. The headboard will protect your back window and the cabin in general, causing all debris to end in rough aluminium or steel.

Additional organizational tools and features

When hauling large items, there’s always the chance to see them slide off. You must secure them perfectly, and for this, you need lots of points on which you’ll place the ratchet straps, cords, and nets. When you have connection points on the headboard, this is done easily.

When the torque pulls the vehicle forward, all the items in the tray will naturally try to fall off. If you want to keep them in place, the connectors on the headboard will get the job done. Install one that will have multiple organization tools and features, and ensure a safe and smooth ride.

General safety

Transporting goods inside the rear tray often means extra caution is needed. Some of the items might be sharp, while others may be flammable. You can’t allow anything to happen and risk your safety or the safety of the passengers.

No matter how much safety you put into the project, there’s always a risk of collision on the roads. The headboard might be the last line of defence between you as a driver and the items you’re transporting.

Another valuable role a headboard has is securing the large truck toolboxes many UTE owners have mounted on their vehicles. You don’t want your toolbox to get damaged, and this is the best way to do it.

Resale value

When you have a flawless UTE, and want to sell it for whatever reason, you want to get the right amount for the product. The market dictates how much you can ask for it, and if you have a UTE with multiple additional features, you’ll earn more by selling it.

A headboard means you’re raising the resale value of your vehicle. If you invested previously in it, you can now profit from it. Even though this item might spike the price a little, don’t forget that you’ve been driving it and using it for years previously.


These six points show how valuable a headboard is. It will protect you inside the cabin and the cargo you’re transporting and add value to your vehicle. Get one yourself, and see the difference. You will enjoy the benefits you never knew you missed.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 16 August 2023