6 Reasons Why Your Landcruiser Needs a Toolbox Canopy

Owning a Landcruiser is fantastic. These vehicles were designed to withstand almost anything. If you drive one of these monsters, you know what we’re talking about. A Toyota Landcruiser is a spectacular transportation device, but you can make it even better by adding a toolbox canopy to it.

A toolbox canopy is an addition that is mounted over the rear tray and looks natural. Some Landcruiser models are made with back seats, and they won’t allow anything like this, but those who own the cruisers with a rear part that opens can significantly improve their looks and functions.

If you’re on the fence about doing this, we’re here to help you makeup your mind. We will share six crucial reasons to do it. Keep reading the points below, and you will understand why installing a toolbox canopy will create something completely different from what you own now that you will love.

Perfect storage and organization

Installing a canopy for a Landcruiser UTE means creating perfect storage and organization for your items. A canopy can fit most of the things you need for work, camping, or something else, and you can expect a fabulous storage area inside.

Additionally, when you need to take something out, the design of the canopy allows you to easily reach inside. Unlike other types of toolboxes that might be complex to handle, the canopy made for the Landcruiser has openings on both sides that make it simple to reach in and grab what you need.

Protection against all weather conditions

Suppose you’re a contractor that needs to get to a construction site and carry various machines needed for work. The rain is pouring outside, and you must cover your machines and tools. Choosing a toolbox canopy for storage means never allowing rain, snow, or hail to damage your items.

The best toolboxes are made of highly durable aluminium. That means you won’t even blink an eye when some of these natural occurrences happen. You will know everything’s secured and safe. When you arrive at your destination, the canopy will provide a safe approach to your belongings.

Flawless security by all means

Aside from the standard weather occurrences, there’s always the chance for thieves to approach and snatch everything there is inside. Aluminium is strong enough to protect against the weather or wild animals, but to stay protected against humans, you will need a lock.

Add a security lock, and you can be sure that no one will take anything from the inside. Aluminium is the type of material that is tough to break into, and with the lock that’s being added, it becomes impossible for anyone to take anything from you.

Better gas consumption

Contrary to what most people think, adding a toolbox canopy will improve your gas consumption. Yes, this is a heavy item and will add weight to your vehicle, but at the same time, it will provide much better aerodynamic resistance.

We drive for miles, and that is a constant battle between your car and the air around it. The better the aerodynamics, the less gas consumption you’ll see. If you want to own a versatile canopy in the back, in which you’ll store almost anything and improve your gas consumption, then this is for you.

Versatility and ability to do much more with your vehicle than just commuting

When you own a standard vehicle, you can commute from home to work, go to the market, or visit your friends. But, when you add a toolbox canopy, you can do much more with it. It becomes so versatile and capable of doing many more things.

Most people who own this will use it for work or camping. This is the ultimate vehicle for campers as they can load it with all the necessary items or use the canopy for many other needs, such as sleeping in it.

Higher resale value

Owning an aluminium canopy installed over the rear tray means you enjoy a much higher resale value. When you decide to sell your vehicle and get a new one, expect a much higher price.

An investment of this kind will provide wide versatility while you’re using the canopy, but when you’re done, you can expect others to look for your type of vehicle and be ready to offer more than they would for an ordinary one. You already have a toolbox installed, and they will not need to make additional investments.


These six points show you why you should get a Cruiser canopy. There are many benefits to a move like this - from getting flawless protection to expanding the versatility and strengthening the security of your vehicle. Installing this kind of item is a wise move to make.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 31 July 2023