6 Takeaways on Why You Should Install a Mechanic’s UTE Toolbox

Working as a contractor, mechanic, or some other job requiring going to a client means taking all the necessary tools with you. You can’t afford to forget anything at home when driving a long distance to your work location. Neatly arrange all tools inside your vehicle and make them accessible when needed.

Contractors and mechanics will opt for an aluminium toolbox for this need. UTE toolboxes are designed to fit all tools needed for a particular task away from your garage. Ordering one from us means getting the best solution for your contractor or mechanic’s needs.

In this blog post, we talk more about why you should install one of these items. If you’re hesitating, or you simply need a push towards making a decision, the list below will surely make up your mind. Keep reading and find out more about our fantastic UTE toolboxes.


Back in the day, contractors would fill up a wooden toolbox and take it to a construction site. They had to keep these boxes away from the rain and the sun, as these simple weather conditions would’ve quickly ruined the box.

Today, technology make things simpler. Today’s boxes are made of much more durable materials, such as steel, aluminium or titanium. The best option is aluminium, as it offers the best value for your money, providing fantastic durability and safety that come with a fair price. On top of that, aluminium looks fabulous, so it’s the best solution.

Different sizes and customization

Not everyone’s the same. Some people require more storage, while others are good with something smaller, simpler, and easy to handle. With this in mind, we provide various sizes of toolboxes, as well as different styles and models.

Check our collection of different toolboxes and find the one that fits your needs the most. We have ordinary toolboxes mounted over the rear tray, or you can also choose a tiny undertray toolbox, a UTE tool canopy, or an oversized toolbox canopy covering the entire rear tray area - the choice is yours, depending on your needs and wishes.

Enhanced security

With these toolboxes, made of durable aluminium, you can rest assured that no one and nothing will break through it and damage or steal your belongings. Our aluminium has the highest quality, following top standards, which means no one will be able to break it if you put in an excellent lock.

Thieves will probably give up before even trying. They know their targets and won’t waste time when they see that your toolbox is made of this unbreakable material. When you have a big lock that only you have control over, there’s no chance of someone picking it.

Weather resistance

When it comes to the weather conditions, be sure that nothing means danger. Aluminium is the kind of material that will protect the inside items from the sun, and rain, snow, or hail will have no impact whatsoever on it.

Some people choose steel or stainless steel boxes, but these materials are prone to corrosion. Nothing impacts aluminium, which is why this is the best solution. Water can stay on top of it for days, and the tools inside will be intact. They’ll be dry and function as you kept them in the garage.

Easier access

When you mount a specialized mechanic’s toolbox canopy, you get an easy access to your tools. These boxes are designed to fit the needs of contractors and mechanics, so you can easily reach inside.

Their design is different from ordinary boxes and canopies that campers use, for example. These canopies are made with tools in mind. Most commonly made with drawers, you will easily find anything you need without wasting time.

Improved UTE looks

If functionality and usefulness do not impress you, how about improving the overall looks of your UTE? Installing a toolbox canopy of this kind will entirely change the appearance of your vehicle. It will make it more appealing and dominant on the road.

On top of this, you’re getting a much higher resale value. If you decide to put it on the market, you can ask for a higher price due to the investment you made. Most people will love the addition you made, so they’ll be ready to spend the amount you’re asking for.


These six points show why getting a mechanic’s UTE toolbox is an excellent idea. You’re getting a box that provides extended functionality and safety, one that will last for a long time and will make your vehicle better by all means.

If you’re working in a remote location, you must always have your tools close. These boxes provide easy access and extended functionality of the toolbox. Stop hesitating and order one today.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 4 September 2023