6 Things to Know When Installing a Generator Toolbox

Regardless of the vehicle you’re operating, you need additional parts to make your experience better. If you own a UTE, caravan or truck, you have a storage area to store multiple items - from toolboxes to dog crates to power generator boxes.

The last one is essential for those who work as contractors or love spending time in nature. Campers, hikers, and others often spending time in the great outdoors will benefit the most from a power generator. Transporting the generator may seem simple, but you need to pay special attention to it.

The power generator must be protected from all weather conditions and any other interaction with items or people, so you must keep it and transport it in a special box. When you’re thinking about installing one, you should mind several things. Here are some of them.

1. Choice of material is essential

As mentioned many times in this blog, the choice of materials for your toolbox is the most essential issue to focus on when making a toolbox choice. The material can significantly change the experience of driving your vehicle after installing a box of this kind.

Steel and aluminium are the two most common materials for UTE and caravan boxes. There’s another option called titanium as well, but it’s highly expensive, and most people avoid it because of its price.

On the other hand, steel is the most affordable but offers the least positive features. Aluminium is both lightweight and durable, which makes it the best option of them all. When looking for a power generator box, look for the best aluminium UTE tool boxes on the market.

2. Choosing the design is something to consider

Although the reason for installing a generator toolbox is practical, there’s no reason not to pay attention to the design. Aside from the looks, the design affects the vehicle’s aerodynamics, and that’s highly important for the vehicle’s behaviour and gas consumption.

Pay close attention to how the toolbox looks. Ask the professionals what they think about a particular design and follow their advice. They’ve already installed tons of these boxes before you, so they’ll know what’s best for your vehicle specifically.

3. Consider the size of the generator and get the right dimensions

There are different sizes of power generators. The biggest ones will provide more power, while those who are smaller, will only last for a few days. When spending over a week in nature or at the construction site, you will need a more powerful generator, which means you need a bigger box.

It’s best to buy the power generator first and later order the toolbox. Mind that you can’t change your mind later and fit the big machine into a tiny toolbox. These two things must go simultaneously, so choose the box first and order the toolbox later.

4. Make sure you know how to mount it

Many companies will deliver the toolbox to your door. If you’re planning to get your box through the mail, you must know how to mount it over the UTE’s bed. This is not a simple procedure for those who are not skilled, so consider visiting a professional if you’re not sure how to do it.

Installing it poorly or missing key elements during the process will result in possible damage during driving. This is unacceptable since the power generator is an expensive machine and you also risk injuries. If you’re not 100% sure you will do a great job, let the pros do the job for you.

5. Find out about legal matters before ordering one

Not all states have the same rules and regulations on installing additional parts to your UTE or caravan. In some parts of the world, it is illegal to have dimensions wider and higher than what the law says. This is why you should check the local rules and regulations before doing anything.

If you don’t know where to search, feel free to ask the companies that are selling the toolbox. They have the exact numbers for different states. It doesn’t matter if you’re ordering a power generator box, a canopy, or an undertray toolbox - they will gladly share this information with you.

6. Educate yourself on maintenance and care

Once you have the power generator and the box installed, you must learn about maintenance and care. The generator can stay inside the box for as long as you want, and you can expect it to be intact and work flawlessly, but you still need to make occasional check-ups.

The most important thing about your toolbox is the lubrication of the locks and the hinges. This will help the entire system function without issues for a long time. You can expect the generator and the box to go for more than ten years with proper care and maintenance.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 11 October 2023