7 Reasons For Upgrading UTE Trays and Getting an Outstanding 4WD Vehicle in Australia

Off-roading is a fantastic way to spend your holiday. Even a weekend in nature driving your fully-equipped UTE is something you will remember. The time spent tackling challenges, hanging out with friends, and enjoying everything nature has to offer is a time well spent.

To do this, you must own a flawless 4WD UTE that you can take anywhere across Australia. It’s not enough to have a powerful engine. You must upgrade the rear tray with items that will transform your UTE into a true off-road beast.

If you want to know why upgrading your rear tray with UTE canopies and other items is essential for a fantastic adventure, you should continue reading. We will share seven reasons why you should do it, so keep up and learn more about this.

1. Increased capacity

When you upgrade your rear tray, you’re increasing the storage capacity of your vehicle. When you add a toolbox over the rear tray, you can store and transport almost anything you think of. If the tray remains open, you’re risking losing stuff while you drive.

An off-road track is full of challenges that will make your UTE battle the uneven road, causing the items in the tray to fall off unless you protect them with the toolbox. When they are secured inside, you can do whatever you want, and your belongings will remain intact.

2. Durability

Your original tray is made of materials prone to corrosion, damage, and regular wear and tear. Adding aluminium tool boxes over them will protect the tray from all weather conditions and increase its durability.

Aluminium is known as a material that can easily withstand the rain, sun, and snow effects. With aluminium boxes installed over the rear tray, you’re protecting the basis of your vehicle, increasing its lifetime.

3. Versatility and functionality

We all want our vehicles to have extensive versatility and functionality. Getting it is not easy unless you know what to do. Upgrading your tray and mounting tool boxes will provide much better functionality and versatility.

Many people will choose canopies with various features inside them. They’ll cover the tray with a toolbox but add additional trundle drawers, shelves, power generators, jerry can holders, and many more features that provide increased versatility and functionality.

4. Aerodynamics

A UTE with an open rear tray has worse aerodynamics than the one with a custom-made toolbox canopy mounted over it. Someone might say they are not interested in the aerodynamics of their UTE, but when they find out how much more gas consumption poor aerodynamics cause, they instantly become interested.

A UTE canopy will close the airflow behind the cabin and end the slipstream caused when the vehicle’s moving at fast speeds. Better aerodynamics are crucial for saving on gas, so everyone should do what they can to improve it.

5. Improved looks

Aside from every other functional benefit canopies provide, there’s also the personal touch or the looks of the vehicle. Most people claim that installing a canopy over the rear tray improved the aesthetics of the UTE.

Aside from creating a better look for the vehicle, many people choose to personalize this area by adding a personal signature. It may be a print of something they love, appropriate graphics, or something else. Whatever it is, a toolbox canopy looks better than an open tray.

6. Better cargo safety

There’s no question about this one. Driving with an open tray is not as safe for the cargo you’re transporting as placing it inside a toolbox canopy or some other item you’re using for transporting. When you have the items placed in a box closed by all sides, it has nowhere to go.

Additionally, criminals can’t steal what’s inside a toolbox locked with a key. Invest in an unbreakable toolbox and a lock that thieves won’t open easily. If you do this, you can keep your tools and other valuable belongings inside your vehicle without risking that someone will take them away.

7. Higher resale value

Finally, upgrading your rear tray raises the resale value of the entire vehicle. When you invest in additional equipment, you add value to your vehicle, and this is always appreciated by previously used vehicle buyers.

Aside from the investment alone, you’re completely changing the looks of the vehicle you’re selling. It’s easier to sell for an excellent price something that looks extraordinary than getting the price you want for a non-appealing UTE.


Take some time to explore the market and find excellent ideas for upgrading your rear tray. The best and most commonly used options are the aluminium UTE tool boxes and canopies that cover the entire tray. Pick what you love the most and upgrade your rear tray. It will make your UTE much better.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 26 September 2023