Camper Tray Tips for an Unforgettable Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor adventures are always fun when you have a powerful UTE, but for a truly unforgettable experience, you need a camper tray filled with all the necessities. There are so many things to do in nature, and you must know how to prepare to enjoy this trip.

The camper tray is a fantastic piece of equipment that is extremely helpful for campers. Most camper trays are expendable and unfoldable from the UTE and can become an accessory for a lovely camping time. However, there are many things to know before packing and leaving home.

In this blog post, we share several camper tray tips to help you organize right and enjoy your time spent in the great Australian outdoors. If you want to know everything about it, keep reading and learn more about how to pull out a fantastic camping trip with your camper tray.

1. Optimize the canopy and add additional compartments

Optimizing the canopy is the first thing to do after you come home from the mechanic. For that, you must already have one of the many aluminium tool boxes for caravans or UTEs we have in our shops. If you don’t have one, order it or visit us.

When you have it installed, you must perfectly organize it by adding additional compartments – such as drawers, shelves, and other things that will provide flawless organization and allow you to store anything you need for a comfortable camping trip.

2. Secure heavy items

When you’re going off-road or driving on old country roads, everything you’re carrying will bump into the walls of the toolbox. You must secure it perfectly and ensure safety. The items inside can cause damage and put the vehicle off balance if left unsecured.

Use ropes, hinges, and anything else to keep the items in their places. Keep smaller items inside the drawers, but secure the big ones with additional equipment.

3. Pack everything you need and organize it perfectly

When you have many various items for the camping trip, you must organize them properly so you can easily find them and use them when you’re on the camping grounds. When you carry dozens of different cooking items, you must know where they are.

That’s why a setup of drawers and shelves is more than welcome. It will separate the items needed for different things. Cooking items will be in one place, the clothes in another, and so on. Although camping is all about spending time in nature, you still need essentials packed and useful at all times.

4. Focus on safety first

First, you must check the toolbox and ensure it is mounted and secured perfectly. Then, as we mentioned previously, secure large items because this is essential for your camping trip, but this also goes for anything else and not just for the big things transported in the UTE storage box.

It’s not the same driving on a paved road and going off-road. Drive safely, slow enough to have everything under control, and know when things may go out of control. A toolbox filled with equipment may cause an accident and hurt someone if you’re careless.

5. Embrace outdoor cooking

The best thing about the camper tray is that you can slide off the UTE and use it as an independent platform. Having everything stored inside means you can relocate the box to a special place in nature and use it independently.

This move allows you to cook outside, which is a much more fun experience than anything else. Some campers love a classic campfire, but you can only cook so much using one. On the other hand, using the camper tray allows you to cook anything you want while still being outside.

6. Pack sitting equipment that will make it comfortable for you

A big camper tray means you have the chance to pack and transport various sitting equipment items – chairs, sofas, or many other things that are foldable and provide fantastic comfort in nature. When you enjoy your food outdoors, it’s best to do it in a comfortable chair.

Find specialized sitting equipment for camping. Many stores offer this type of furniture – made of materials that allow you to enjoy time spent sitting but are also highly durable and long-lasting.

7. Explore, plan, and prepare

For a fantastic experience, it’s essential to plan, explore, and prepare for the trip. It’s great having a robust toolbox, but if you don’t plan what you will transport, and where everything should be, you’ll waste the box’s capacity.

The same stands for the location you’re travelling to. Nature can be unpredictable, so you must plan where you’re going, what the possible dangers and challenges are, and how you’re going to overcome them. Planning is wise and makes the trip safe and fun.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 2 April 2024