Canopy Pantry and 5 Storage Solutions You Need on Your UTE

Owning a UTE and not installing anything additional on it is a waste of a perfectly capable vehicle of doing some amazing things. Your UTE is a powerful machine, which can be used for a variety of needs, but when you first buy it from the store, you most probably have only basic features on it.

There are so many options available on the market. As toolbox manufacturers, we have plenty of options for our customers to improve their UTE experience. We create some of the most fantastic pieces of equipment made of aluminium that will provide additional value to your vehicle.

In this blog post, we share five essential UTE storage solutions to help you create a fabulous vehicle capable of nearly anything. Whether it is to help with your contracting tasks, removal needs, or camping trips, installing these storage options will help you make the most of the vehicle. Keep reading and see what there is, and call us to create bespoke solutions for you.

Classic Toolbox Canopy in the Rear Tray

The rear tray has huge storage availability, but when you get the UTE, you usually get a wide-open option. The manufacturer might provide a tonneau cover, but it is blanc open in most cases. Covering up this empty space is the best idea you can come up with.

Installing a canopy toolbox in the back is the best solution. The canopy has one or two openings on the side, providing easy access for the users, but it’s an entirely closed and locked storage that limits everyone else from taking your things.

Being made of aluminium, it is strong and durable. Weather conditions will not harm it, and you can rely on it whenever you need safe storage and wherever you’re going.

Undertray boxes

UTEs are not ordinary city vehicles. Their huge tyres are lifted significantly from the ground, making them an excellent option for off-road adventures and going to destinations no city cars can get. Of course, 4WD solutions are better than 2WD, so consider this when going on a trip.

Being so high from the ground means there’s enough room to install undertray boxes that provide storage for smaller items and things you want accessible quickly. These boxes are installed by the rear tyres and provide perfect safe storage for your first-aid kit and similar items.

Fridge mechanism

What’s a camping trip without a fridge to store your food and beverages? When you’re in nature, food spoils instantly unless it is kept properly. A remote fridge is a great idea, but when you place it in the rear tray, it’s nearly impossible to get what you need seamlessly.

You need to stand up on a chair or get up over the fridge to take out what you need, and almost all fridges are made with a top lid opening. Because of this, it’s best to install a fridge mechanism. These mechanisms tilt the fridge on the side when you pull them out from the tray and allow you to easily take out what you need. They are highly convenient for campers.

Canopy pantry

The canopy pantry is such a convenient piece that it is vital for every camper. Of course, you don’t have to be a camper exclusively to have one installed on your UTE, but campers mostly enjoy and find a use for these items.

The UTE canopy pantry is installed inside the canopy toolbox and acts as a shelf where various items can be placed. Many contractors use them to store nails, screws, and similar items in boxes, while campers love them because they are ideal for placing spices, glasses, utensils, and other stuff.

Trundle drawers

One final thing to add is a trundle drawer or more of them. You can choose between undertray toolboxes that have a different shape or trundle drawers. If your vehicle is lower to the ground, you might want to use these drawers. They are as useful as the other option.

You can’t place large and robust objects inside, but they are perfect for keeping smaller tools. If you love camping, this is the perfect spot for your knife, matches, first-aid kit, and similar items. The drawers are easily reachable and protect your belongings from the weather and thieves.


If you love your UTE, you’ll surely love these additional features and ideas available in our stores. These toolboxes, canopies, pantries, and drawers will enrich your vehicle and provide tremendous value.

Check out our page to see if you will find even more ideas and pick the ones you love. Give us a call and tell us what you need. We can develop and deliver anything you want from the list and more. Upgrade your UTE and improve your driving experience.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 5 October 2022