Choose an Underbody Tool Box and Enjoy Its Multiple Benefits

UTE owners have so many options for upgrades after purchasing their vehicle. Unlike smaller cars, UTEs can be turned into powerful vehicles capable of withholding all conditions and going through any terrain.

Most people still drive their UTEs through city roads and rarely go off-road, but even day enjoy the many benefits of upgrading. Multiple different add-ons are available for your UTE, from roof racks to canopy toolboxes to undertray toolboxes. These last ones are exciting, and that's what we would like to focus on in this blog post.

In this one, we will talk about the many benefits underbody toolboxes have and why people love having them under their UTEs. We will show you the most valuable reasons to consider getting one for yourself, and we will explain the benefits of upgrading your UTE with an undertray box. Keep on and see more about it!

Can be custom made

Although there's a wide range of undertray made for specific UTE models, you can always get one custom-made. All you need to do is call our number, and tell us what you want. Everything is easy to be made if you tell us your wishes and needs.

Choose the colour, the materials, and the dimensions. We make aluminium toolboxes for UTEs, but if you want something else, you should give us a call or drop a message through the mail, and we can discuss details about creating something you like.

Our standard dimensions range from 600mm to 900 mm in width, but you can ask for something entirely different if you have another idea. Anything is possible with mutual consent and coordination.

Best place for storing the first-aid kit

Underbody tool boxes are used for a wide range of needs, but the best one is storing the first aid kit. There's no time to dig through the vehicle and look for the first aid kit in moments of danger or when you're in an accident. When in an accident, you might not be able to think about where to look.

This is why the underbody boxes are so valuable. They are easily accessible for everyone, not just the UTE driver. Placing your first aid kit there means you might save someone's life. It is reached fast and easy.

You can also store some of the essentials needed for emergencies, like blankets, fire matches, water, and stuff like these. You never know when they might come in handy, and it is better to be prepared than think about what might've happened.


When you place this type of toolbox under the vehicle's body, you're protecting it from all weather conditions. This toolbox will be out of reach, whether heavy rain, snow, or the hot sun. The sun might be the most dangerous during the summer. You can't place anything that might melt inside.

However, it is kept out of direct sun exposure when it's under the body. That will keep the temperature lower for a few degrees providing the conditions just enough for items inside to stay safe. It is the same with rain and snow. When you need something from the inside, you can take it out without worrying it will soak. It is placed under the car, so it will stay dry.

Placed under the tray is hardly recognized by anyone

Another benefit of installing an undertray toolbox is that it is being hidden from the curious eyes of the people passing by. That means it will also not draw attention to burglars. They would rather break into the driver's cabin than try to pick the lock on these toolboxes.

The more toolboxes you have on your UTE, the more challenging for anyone to get to your stuff. The underbody boxes are tough to break into as they are placed in a position that is not easily accessible. Thieves will need to get under your vehicle, which is complex. They'd rather try something else than go for the loot in the undertray box.


The many items and accessories available for UTEs are an excellent way to upgrade your vehicle and turn it into more than a transportation device. Installing an underbody toolbox will also raise the car's value when you decide to sell it on the used cars market.

Even if you never place it on the market, having these tool boxes under the tray means having easy access to the most valuable items you're taking on the road with you, so you get perfect weather protection. They are the safest place on your vehicle for storing helpful stuff. Check out our offer for underbody boxes, and order one today!

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 6 March 2022