Essential Land Cruiser 79 Series Accessories And What To Do With Them?

Author: Dean Peechiari  Date Posted:31 October 2022 

The Toyota Land Cruiser 79 Series is an iconic vehicle. Designed in 1999, it has proven to be a terrific vehicle. People who bought it for their off-road needs praise the day they made that decision. Toyota has proven to be a fantastic car maker, and their off-road series vehicles are indestructible.

If you’re driving a Land Cruiser 79 from Toyota, you know how different their rear tray is. It seems like there’s no classic toolbox to fit them. You will need to either make one custom or look for a company that makes tool boxes specifically for them. Luckily for you, we make the best aluminium toolboxes for Toyota Land Cruiser 79 series.

In this blog post, we will share the best accessories you can find for your Land Cruiser 79. If you want to upgrade your vehicle, feel free to call us, and we will create anything you need. Go through our collection of accessories for UTEs, or order something custom-made. Keep reading to learn more about these items.

Toolbox canopy installed on the rear tray

When you first got your Land Cruiser, you were probably fascinated by how wide the rear tray is. A wide rear tray allows you to load and carry just about anything. These trays were made this way for a reason. Now, with technology going forward and trends changing, you can also install a canopy toolbox.

Getting a Landcruiser canopy for your vehicle means turning it into something else. You’re getting secured storage for all your items, and you no longer have to worry about people easily reaching and stealing your items, nor do you have to worry about rain, snow, or anything else.

Tilting frame for your remote fridge

What’s an off-road vehicle without camping with it once in a while? Even if you’re only using it for your contractor job or something similar, you still need to have a fridge in the back for those moments of relaxation. The fridge keeps the drinks cool and the food fresh. It’s essential for every UTE.

The bad thing about remote fridges is that they are almost always made with a top lid opening, and you literally need to climb on top of the tray to open the fridge and take what you need. With the specifically designed frame for fridges, you can pull it, tilt it, and take what you need from the inside easily.

Canopy pantries for perfect item storage

Another item that you want, especially if you’re going camping. A canopy pantry is designed to store and keep in place all the small things you need at particular moments. You can store your small tools and items like screws and nails, or place the small bottles of spices when you’re camping.

These small openings are designed to keep everything in its place. The rough terrain will make everything jump up and down while you’re driving, but with the pantry, you can relax, knowing that nothing will be destroyed. The pantry keeps even the most fragile items safe.

Undertray toolbox and drawers

If you’ve ever been driving off-road, you know that stops are often. Off-road driving is different from the one on highways. People go out of the main roads to enjoy themselves and experience a different ride.

For these people, a dedicated place where they’ll keep some of the items is essential - a place where small tools are placed, the first-aid kit, matches, and more. The best place for this need is under the tray. A toolbox there is perfect because it is quickly reached and easy to access. This place allows the installation of small toolboxes or trundle drawers.

Ladder racks and roof racks to provide additional storage

Drivers who opt for unlimited storage space should consider installing even more accessories. We also have ladder racks and roof racks that are designed by the wishes of our clients. Dimensions are negotiable, but we still have some previously made with standard measurements.

The ladder and roof racks provide unlimited storage space. Suppose you’re planning a home removal, you can do it by yourself with the help of these items. You don’t have to call the pros. Simply install these racks, and mount anything you want on top of your vehicle.


Owning a Toyota Land Cruiser 79 is a unique experience on its own. If you add additional accessories, you can transform this vehicle into an even greater UTE. We have multiple accessories in our stores, so feel free to come and take what you need.

If you’ve been wondering how to upgrade your vehicle, now you know what you should do. Think about your needs, wishes, and budget, and give us a call when you’re ready.