Everything You Need to Know About the Canopy Wheel Carrier

Installing a toolbox canopy means you’re extending the possibilities of the exterior of your vehicle. Every UTE with a toolbox installed over the rear tub has multiple options its user can use. One of them is the popular wheel carrier.

When you install a toolbox canopy, you want to make the most of it. It’s not enough to have the box and not use it properly. Many features and options are available, and you should use at least some of them. The canopy wheel carrier is just one of them.

In this blog post, we talk in detail about the canopy wheel carrier, its purpose, what the main components are, why you would need it, and what to consider when mounting it yourself. Keep reading if you want to know more about this part and why it is an excellent addition to your UTE.

What is the purpose of this item?

In most cases, UTEs have the spare wheel installed under the bed or inside the bed. Some UTEs do not have enough room under the tub, and it’s only normal that storing the spare wheel inside the tub, or in this case, inside the canopy is not an option.

This is why the best option is to install a spare wheel carrier in the back of the UTE canopy. Aluminium canopies for UTEs are the best ones because they are sturdy, yet the installation is simple. Many UTE owners will have not one but two spare wheels mounted in the back.

Main components and features

The main component of the wheel carrier is the mounting mechanism attached to the canopy. The spare wheel goes on this mechanism, which is then additionally secured with the locking mechanism, keeping it in place. When the vehicle drives over uneven surfaces, especially on off-road tracks, it’s essential to have the spare wheel not move an inch.

Some mechanisms can have an additional feature that allows them to install wheels of different sizes. A universal one should be able to store wheels for different UTEs. They are made of the same material as the canopy - aluminium, which makes them adjustable and good-looking.

Why do people mount wheel carriers on their canopies?

The main reason for mountain wheel carriers on the canopy is, as we previously mentioned, to save storage space inside the cargo area. Many UTEs have no option for storing the spare wheel under the tray, so there’s no other option. You can’t go on the road without a spare wheel, so this is crucial for every driver.

Another reason why people decide to mount the spare wheel in the back of the canopy is simplicity and accessibility when it is needed. It’s complex to take the spare wheel out when it is mounted under the vehicle while having it in the back of the canopy means instant use.

Many people will prefer this option because it improves the vehicle's looks. The spare wheel in the back of the canopy makes the UTE more interesting and good-looking. An ordinary truck becomes an exotic, off-road adventurer, ready to hit the jungle.

Things to consider when installing

The installation process is simple, but if you have never done it before, it may be complicated. Before doing it, you should consider the weight distribution of the vehicle. If you have too many items in the back, it is not smart to add extra weight. The spare wheel is not too heavy, but the rest of the storage may add significant weight to the rear part.

That will make the entire handling of the UTE complicated. When the weight distribution is off, the front wheels will not have the perfect grip on the road, and they are the main factor for having total control of the vehicle. Never risk your steering by carrying lots of storage in the back.

How to mount it yourself

Mounting, as we said, is simple, but you must know how to do it. Attach the mechanism properly and secure the wheel from falling off while driving. The instruction manual has everything you need to know, so read it thoroughly before starting.

Get all the necessary tools if they are not included in the mounting kit. When you have everything by your side, measure where the mechanism will go and ensure that when the wheel is attached, it is perfectly secured and won't interfere with your driving.

When the measurements are ready, drill the holes and screw the parts that will hold the mechanism in its place. Add the wheel and secure it with the safety mechanism. Take it for a short test drive around the block and see if everything is perfectly secured. If you're not skilled in mounting, check our shops for UTE canopies in Brendale and Sydney and ask for a professional installation.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 13 December 2023