Everything You Need to Know About the Popular Heavy-Duty Tool Box

UTE owners usually want everything big, heavy-duty, and powerful. Power is the main reason everyone loves their utility vehicles, so every other accessory going with it should also be big, powerful, and capable of withstanding pressure.

When trying to remodel your UTE or add some extra parts, you’re probably thinking of adding a toolbox canopy or other accessories. There are many box options in Australia, especially in our shop.

Getting a heavy-duty truck toolbox means learning a thing or two about it. What is it, what’s the best type, and what materials to choose when ordering? If you want to know everything about the popular heavy-duty tool box, keep reading and learn.

1. Choice of material is essential

There are multiple options when it comes to designing and building the toolbox. The most commonly used ones are steel, plastic, and aluminium. Although you can use others, these three are the most widely used.

The reason for using these lies in the fact that they offer the best value based on multiple criteria. For example, steel is extremely durable and highly affordable. Aluminium is lightweight and affordable. Plastic is the most affordable and the most lightweight, but not as durable.

That means choosing the best one means knowing what you want and need for your UTE. If you aim to remove the toolbox frequently, you might want the plastic one, but if you’re searching for durability – steel is better. Aluminium offers the best of both options, which is why most people choose aluminium tool boxes.

2. More storage means a better toolbox

When you’re getting a new toolbox, you must think about the size and the storage area. Your UTE’s rear bed is wide and can fit almost anything you want, but when you enclose it with a toolbox, you’re getting an even better storage option.

Many toolbox options will cover the entire rear tray. Toolbox canopies and robust storage solutions mean getting a better and more useful toolbox. Adding extra shelves and drawers will make the area perfect for storing and keeping various tools and machines.

3. Think about the toolbox’s mobility

When opting for a toolbox, you must know what to use it for. If you work in construction, the chances to take it with you on the construction site are big, so you must own one that is easy to carry and lightweight enough to pick it up.

On the other hand, being a pro camper means you don’t need extra weight on your hiking trips, but you need enough storage for all your equipment. Based on these things, you must find the ideal solution for you.

4. Versatility is always welcomed

As we just mentioned, adding extra equipment inside the toolbox is much appreciated. You don’t have to leave an open area and use it as a blank storage space. You can add a complex shelving and drawer system that will provide unlimited options and versatility.

Aside from that, you can transform your toolbox into something else. A box that covers the entire tray may be turned into a remote bedroom for your extended camping trips. Many people will also use two different boxes, one for their tools and items and one for a dog crate. The options are endless.

5. Heavy-duty boxes provide the best protection

Unless made from plastic, boxes made from steel and aluminium provide the ultimate protection against theft and all weather occurrences. Weather means nothing to the toolbox. Rain, snow, hail, strong winds, or the burning sun are all irrelevant.

When you need to transport something, you want it to be protected. Having one of the heavy-duty tool boxes for UTEs means you’re safe. Add a strong lock and enjoy your freedom of movement, knowing no one will touch your belongings.

6. Compatibility is everything when you’re planning to install one

Know that you must find an adequate toolbox when thinking about installing one. Your UTE’s brand is different from others, and you must order the exact right box for your model, or else it won’t fit. When you’re planning to install one, do your research first.

If you’re unsure about the details, it’s best to call the pros at our shop and tell them what you need. This solution is the best because just an inch left or right may be a problem for your installation. The result will be incompatibility and being unable to mount the box.


These few things are crucial for creating a perfect set for your UTE. With the points above, you now know what the best toolbox is, what can it be used for, and a few other things. If you’re unsure what the best option is, you can always call us, and we’ll find a solution together.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 19 March 2024