Fridge Slide Tilt and Other Cool Solutions for Travelling with Your UTE

Your UTE is an amazing piece of machinery and a fantastic vehicle, but you should constantly improve it and add more stuff to make it look better and hold more value. If you love travelling with it, you already know how much storage space there is, but also how much more needs you and your family have.

With a market full of items to install on your UTE, some are so amazing that they should be implemented as standard equipment. Especially if you’re frequently travelling, you’ll want all these features on your UTE to have a lovely trip.

In this post, we’re sharing a few items and accessories to help you turn your UTE into a perfect travelling vehicle and work with you to create extraordinary adventures that you and your friends will enjoy. Keep and see more.

The slide tilt for your fridge provides perfect access

Going on an adventure and having a remote fridge with you is essential. However, your UTE is most probably big enough for you to feel uncomfortable when you need to reach the top of the lid. This is why they invented the drop down fridge slide.

This item allows the fridge to be tilted to the side and allows you to grab anything inside with ease. The technology is quite simple, but you need to dedicate yourself to a complex DIY project and make it yourself or hire the pros to do it for you.

A canopy toolbox

No matter what kind of vehicle you’re driving, you always need more storage for the items you’re carrying. You need a storage box for the caravan, a UTE undertray toolbox, or an oversized canopy in the rear tray.

The canopy toolbox will grant you access to unlimited storage for everything you may be thinking of packing. Anything from tools to supplies to entertainment equipment. A bike, a coffee-making machine, a fridge, everything can be stored inside and stay safe no matter what is happening around the vehicle.

Power generator holder for safe travels

Travelling and camping mean you will need electricity. Although nature is beautiful, you still live in 2022, and all devices work on electricity. You can’t be without your smartphone, and many will use the opportunity of working remotely to work and travel to places they’ve never been.

Many people turn their caravans into mobile homes and enjoy the freedom of movement, but for them to work seamlessly, they need electricity. The only way to get it is through a vehicle or a power generator. Instead of letting the car run continuously, you can turn on the power generator and enjoy the battery.

To ensure you and everyone around are safe, place the power generator into a specifically-designed holder. This item also protects the generator from bumps while you’re driving, so the benefits from it are many.

Jerry cans holders for gasoline or water

You must always be ready for anything when going into the great outdoors. Extra gas and fresh drinkable water are crucial on your trips. The first is needed for your car to never run out of gas before you get to the gas station, and the second is to make sure you never go thirsty and have no place to get drinkable water.

When driving through all kinds of terrains, the jerry cans must stay in place. Many UTE owners will install special holders to keep them intact. They are used for water or gasoline. Just make sure you don’t mix both.

Roof rack to safely transport that canoe

Why not carry something you love on your vacation or adventurous trip. A canoe, skis, or something long enough to not fit inside the canopy toolbox is essential for your adventure and enjoyment in nature. The answer is - the roof rack.

The roof rack is excellent for storing these items. Roof racks can be closed, but they fit only a small number of items. If you’re planning to carry something as big as a canoe, you’ll want the open-type roof rack, on which you can safely mount such items and transport them wherever you’re going.


Going in nature and enjoying an adventure means having a solution for every issue that may occur. The problem with the accessibility of the remote fridge is easily solved if you know how. We explained above how simple the solution is, and it’s up to you to decide if you’ll handle it alone or hire someone else.

The rest of the items on the list also help you enjoy a smooth ride and a great time camping. Even if you’re going by the trailer, most of these things will help you transport the items you need on your journey. Pick what suits your needs best, and order them today.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 6 July 2022