How Can You Use a Frame Tool Box?

A fame tool box, or an in-frame tool box as you may have heard about it, is a tool box that is placed between the cabin and the rear part of your truck and is usually considered wasted and useless space. Frame tool boxes are designed specifically for these places, but you can use them anyway you like.

Their main purpose is to meet the truck owners' never-ending storage demand. No matter how many items and accessories you include, there's always something else to be stored. If you're also in this kind of position, you might want to consider the tool box options we have in our shop.

In this blog post, we're talking more about the many uses that frame tool boxes have and the main issues you need to mind. We'll go inside the tool box usage and try to explain everything about it in detail. Read on and find out everything about how to properly store your tools when on the road.

Frame tool boxes are not for everyone

It's great if you love what you read and see here, but you need to know that not every truck, UTE, a large vehicle owner is eligible for this kind of tool box. These boxes are made to be installed inside the part of the truck that connects the back and the front ends of the vehicle.

If you have a frame that connects them, this tool box is for you, but if you're an owner of a vehicle that has no frame to be used, then you might want to look at the many aluminium toolboxes for UTEs we have and other types of boxes that will meet your tool storage demands.

Frame tool boxes are installed in-between the frame rails and behind the driver's cabin. They are usually made durable and strong, so that it fits right into the entire truck size and heaviness. They are easily accessible once you're standing in front of it, and you can store anything you want with a size that fits for the tool box.

The best frame tool boxes are made of aluminium

Although many other materials are commonly used for different tool boxes, we can say that aluminium is by far the best option. We say this because aluminium has proven to be the best value for money and provides just enough features to find these boxes useful.

For example, stainless steel, which is commonly used, is robust, but it is also heavy and will not withstand the tough weather conditions; it will rust under rain and moisture. Titanium which is also an option that you'll find in shops, has all the opposite features but comes with a much higher price making it unaffordable for most.

Aluminium is just right for the job. It is lightweight, highly durable, and comes at a fair price. It can be turned into anything we like with the proper manufacturing process, and end-users are happy with the product they are getting. Aluminium tool boxes last for a long time, so you want yours made from it.

Opt for a checker plate option

The checker plate option is the best because it provides the perfect grip for opening and closing the lid. You don't have to ask for the entire box to be made this way, but the lid is surely best made from checker plate aluminium.

They provide excellent security

Burglars will have a hard time getting inside. You can't break into an aluminium frame tool box. Not just because it is placed strategically to fit inside the truck and make it tough to break through it, but it's only secured with a lock that is made long-lasting and strong.

At the same time, weather conditions won't ever do anything to your items stored inside. Aluminium does not rust and will never allow water to get inside the box. It can pour rain, heavy snow may fall and cover the box, or hail the size of tennis balls may fall from the sky, and your frame tool box will stay intact.


If you're looking for a toolbox that will connect your truck's two parts that are never used, you're looking for a frame tool box. These boxes are made specifically for this use, and that's why you can add another tool box to store some of the items you need.

If you've been driving a truck for a long time, you know how hard it is to find an excellent place for some of the essential items that you want to be accessed fast and simple when you're outside the truck. A frame tool box has so many features, and you'll be happy to have one on your truck. This option might be the one you've been craving for.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 25 April 2022