How to Choose The Right UTE Canopy Drawer System

A canopy drawer system is perfect for vehicles that lack enough storage capacity. You may use the setup in a classic vehicle with a canopy or a specialized toolbox canopy that is installed over the rear tray of your UTE. Whichever vehicle you own, you need to consider the right items for it.

Trucks, SUVs, vans, UTEs can all benefit from installing a canopy drawer system. These items are excellent for storing various items inside but also creating a flawless organization of your tools or other items needed during your trips.

If you’re not sure how to choose the right UTE canopy drawer system, we’re here to help. We will highlight a few points you must know and help you make the right choice. Follow up and learn more about it.

Pick the right size

The right size of the toolbox canopy with drawers is the one that will fit your needs. Think carefully about your needs and make the right assumptions whether you need something robust or tiny that will also leave space for other cargo.

The right size will determine what kind of drawer system you choose and how big it will be. Based on this, many other features will be determined - the material, the money you will spend, the looks of the entire project, etc.

Choose the best material

The best material for this item is aluminium. Although other choices also exist, the best solution is aluminium because it is the best value for money but is also very lightweight and highly durable.

Unlike steel, which is heavy and prone to corrosion, aluminium will stay intact for years, no impact will damage it, yet it is extremely lightweight, which means it will save on gas and additional bills.

Mind the drawer configuration

Think about the system itself – how many drawers will you include, how will they look, what shape they will have, what kind of mechanism they will use, and many other things. You want the whole setup to be flawless, so have these things in mind.

Create a vision in your head and transfer this idea to the people providing the drawer system. If you explain thoroughly what you need, they will provide exactly that. With the right configuration, you will enjoy the look and functionality of your vehicle for many years to come.

Define your needs from the setup

With the perfect configuration, you will easily fit everything you need inside. If you want to store tools, you will make the drawers accessible for your hammers, pliers, wrenches, and other stuff, but if you need to store larger items, you might want to create something else.

There are many options, and you don’t necessarily need a drawer system inside the canopy. You might want to leave an open area for those items that are bigger and won’t fit inside the tiny drawer. Think about what you’re planning to carry, and design them properly.

Ensure your vehicle is compatible with the canopy drawer system

Adding some UTE drawers means you need to find the right items for the specific type of vehicle. Many UTEs won’t fit just everything, and you’ll need to create a custom-made drawer. If this is the case, you can’t use the already-designed drawers.

Ensure your vehicle is compatible with the system you’re choosing. Check the internet and see the dimensions and the specific parts of the rear tray or the canopy you already have installed. If they are compatible, then you’re great, but if they aren’t you’ll need a different solution.

Think about professional installation

These setups are not easy to mount. The installation is often rather complicated, and you should hire a professional to do it for you. Although most manufacturers will have the items delivered to you by mail, you need to think about whether you can install them yourself or not.

If you don’t see yourself as capable, you should ask for professional help. Many people who know how to do it will also hire the pros to install the setup because professionals always do it better. After all, they do this every day, and another installation of a canopy drawer system won’t be anything more complicated than their previous work.

Look up the internet for reviews and recommendations

Before choosing a specific canopy, toolbox, or any other drawer system that will be inside your vehicle, you should check other people’s reviews and recommendations about particular items. It’s always wise to see what other people think about the subject you’re interested in.

If they think you will make a great decision choosing a particular item, go for it. If more people say the option you’re considering is not the best idea, then you might want to look for something else. In the end, the choice is always yours.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 24 October 2023