How to Improve Your Dual Cab UTE?

UTE owners are a special kind of people. They all love their vehicles more than ordinary car owners. UTEs are way more than ordinary cars, not just because they are more versatile but also because of their appearance and power. Whether you have a dual cab or a single can UTE, you know how valuable and useful it is.

The best thing about UTEs is that they can always be upgraded and improved. Not only to see them have greater functionality but also to see them look better. The market of items made for UTEs is enormous, and owners love spending time and resources on creating a better version of their vehicles.

In this blog post, we’re talking more about how you can improve your dual cab UTE. We will share a couple of points and help you make a better version of your Utility Vehicle. Check out what we have prepared and see if there’s something useful for you.

Install an additional tank for extending mileage

UTEs are used for many things, from commuting to work to driving long-distance trips into untouched nature. If you’re planning a trip to the desert, you might not see a gas station for hundreds of miles. Being prepared is essential if you don’t want to call in the rescue brigade.

The tank extension is something many people do to provide extra mileage. If your UTE can spend 1000 kilometres with one tank, you can expend it to pass double that mileage with one stopping. You won’t rely on gas stations this way, and you’ll be able to spend more time and more kilometres with your upgraded UTE gas tank.

Change the back seats with a sleeping mat

When you have a double cab UTE, you have enough storage to do all kinds of things in the back. Instead of leaving the seats as they are, you may alter the back and turn the place into a remote bedroom. This idea is especially great for people who are not driving children or have a family of two.

Why give money to overpriced motels on the highway when all you need is a parking lot. With this idea, you can spend the night anywhere you want. Park outside the road and turn off the engine. Enjoy the comfort of your car and continue driving in the morning. If you feel tired and can’t keep your eye on the road, a quick nap of 15 minutes will change everything and let you continue on your journey.

Install a toolbox in the rear tray

A toolbox in the back can do so much for you. The wide variety of toolboxes we offer can dramatically change the looks and use of your UTE. See our offer or order one custom-made based on your needs and wishes.

We make aluminium toolboxes because they provide the best ratio between functionality, affordability, and durability. Aluminium toolboxes are made for storing anything you need inside and will also raise the value of your vehicle.

There’s a wide range of options, from oversized toolboxes that will cover the entire rear tray to smaller items that can only be installed on one side. We also have other types of toolboxes that can go under the tray and other products that you can find extremely valuable. Check out the page with our truck tool boxes to see what we have prepared, and if you can’t find what fits you best, give us a call or mail, and we’ll arrange exactly what you’re looking for.

Why are toolboxes great?

Thousands of Australians hit the unexplored outdoors every weekend, and these ideas can turn an ordinary trip into a spectacle. Installing a toolbox on your dual cab UTE makes your vehicle fully prepared for all types of challenges. If you additionally get the two other ideas, you’re ready for the most challenging outdoor adventures.

Contractors and people working in remote locations love toolboxes because they can store everything inside. At the same time, the toolboxes can give you the perfect storage room for your daily commute to work or turn your vehicle into the perfect truck carrying tools for work. If you’re part of this group of UTE owners, you surely know what we’re talking about.


Upgrading your UTE is an excellent idea. If you’ve been thinking about it for some time, you can now start taking true actions. The list of things described above may be the exact motivation you need to start doing it. See if some of the ideas fit your interests, and start ordering today.

If the toolbox idea seems interesting, we’re the company you’re looking for. We have a wide variety of toolboxes, and we sure have something valuable for you and your UTE. If we don’t, drop us a message, and we can figure out how to deliver what you need.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 16 March 2022