How to Make the Most of a Dual Cab Canopy?

Are you a UTE owner? If you are, you know how valuable and versatile this vehicle can be. It doesn’t matter if the UTE has two or four doors; the engine under the hood is surely powerful enough to get you anywhere and through all kinds of terrains and conditions.

If you own a dual cab UTE and just had a toolbox installed in the back, you think about your options and how to make the most of it. There are so many options to choose from. With a UTE and a toolbox in the rear tray, you have a nearly unlimited range of options.

Most toolbox canopies have enormous storage space and can be used for many needs. People who already have them installed and are actively using them always highlight the benefits of owning an aluminium UTE canopy. The only downside from this is a higher amount of gas usage of the vehicle, but that’s insignificant compared to the benefits you’re getting.

If you want to know what these benefits are, you should keep reading and find out what dual cab canopies are commonly used for. We will focus on three main things that these items are used for, and if you like some of these ideas, you shouldn’t wait and rush to our shop to order one for you.

Contractors find great use of it

Being a contractor means constantly going on the road and dragging all kinds of tools and machines with you. The main use of the toolbox is, of course - storing and carrying tools with you. That means being a contractor and not owning a UTE with a toolbox canopy in the back will make your life tougher.

Many people will not decide to start their own business because of this. A contracting agency means owning your own tools and machines to get the job done, but it also means having a transportation device that will get these items from your garage to the construction site.

A dual cab UTE with a canopy in the back means you have the second part solved. All you have to do is get a loan for the tools and machines if you don’t already have them, and you’re ready to look for clients and make your own earnings. Stop waiting on someone else, and start your own business.

Camping hits different with a dual cab canopy

Going camping or road tripping means you must be suitably equipped and prepared for all challenges. You might have an adventure by going with a city car that has a tiny trunk, but if you want to truly experience nature, you’ll want a bigger vehicle.

The best option is a caravan, but not everyone can afford one, nor will everyone need one throughout the year. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on this kind of vehicle, you can use an ordinary UTE that will be adjusted to your needs.

All you need to do is install a canopy toolbox in the rear tray and have it adapted for your needs. Place a mattress inside and a few pillows, and you have a bedroom wherever you go. You can stop and camp anywhere and spend the night inside the toolbox canopy.

When you return home, you can take the sleepover items and use the UTE for your regular needs again. When the weekend comes, you’re ready to go on another adventure with a few simple changes in the back. That’s why the UTE with an aluminium canopy installed is so valuable.

Providing transportation services

There’s a real shortage across the world of people working in the transportation industry. We’re not talking about ordinary taxis or Uber services, but transportation services that will be adequate for the person looking for one, and one that involves more than just one person taking from point A to point B.

If you want to transport a pet or a few pieces of furniture, you’ll have to look for a professional service for too long. Not many people provide this service, and if they do, they charge enormous amounts. Having a UTE with a canopy means you have a great opportunity to earn.

Install the canopy, choose what you’re going to transport and place an ad on social media. You’ll see people calling you in no time. They’ll start asking for your services because there are so few people around with these kinds of vehicles.


Owning a dual cab UTE means you have a vehicle that can be used for multiple needs. Aside from commuting, you can transform these vehicles into a real business asset. We described how to do this above, and it’s your job to think about all the ideas, explore the market, and see where you can make a difference by earning from your efforts.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 24 August 2022