Install UTE Toolbox Drawers for Instant Item Access

Your UTE has an unlimited capacity for creating additional features for your vehicle. If you plan things smart, you may get so much storage space and be able to carry all kinds of stuff with you. The UTE industry is huge, not just in developing new utility vehicles but also in creating different items to raise their quality and value.

You can find so many things on the market right now. If you're a contractor and already have a UTE parked in your garage, you know how valuable these vehicles are. You can store so many things inside and never worry that there isn't enough space to place other items inside.

Anything a contractor may need is available for the UTE. Installing a simple canopy ladder rack will allow you to carry the necessary ladder to work, and you can use the roof rack for something else. With these two combined, you can move nearly anything you think of from one place to another.

Every UTE is so versatile, and it is the most useful vehicle on the planet. You can drive them as an ordinary car around the city and use them as part of your work. In this blog post, we're talking about one item that may be highly useful for those who appreciate the chance to store items in their UTEs – the trundle drawers. Keep reading to learn more about them.

What are trundle drawers?

A trundle drawer is an item that is usually installed under the rear tray and acts as a storage space that is safe and easily reachable. Trundle drawers are fixed, and users can use them to store just anything inside that will be big or small enough to fit in.

Because the drawer is installed under the rear try, it is also called a trundle tray drawer. Unlike over-the-tray toolboxes that are big, robust, and spacious, the undertray trundle drawers are smaller, more convenient, and easily accessible. They have a completely different use than standard toolboxes.

White, black, and silver trundle drawers with an example mounted to a UTE

Why are trundle drawers so amazing?

Every undertray drawer you install has multiple benefits for the UTE owner. Some people will prefer one feature over another, but these drawers provide great value for everyone using them.

These items' best features are convenience, safety, smooth usage, and simplicity. Compared to big toolboxes placed over the tray, they are smaller, but that doesn't make them useless. On the contrary, they are more useful. Let's go through these points and see what they provide.


One feature that trundle drawers for your UTE provide is the convenience to use them. When installed on or under the car, you can easily reach them and take what's placed inside.

Let's say that you immediately need the flashlight or the first aid kit. You'll normally store these items inside the drawer, and when you need them, you'll rush to the drawer that is opened with a simple pull. Instead of going inside the cabin and looking through the tons of useless papers we all keep there, the first aid kit will be outside the vehicle and accessible immediately.

You won't waste any time getting these items, making the trundle drawer the most convenient storage place on your vehicle. The only issue that might slow you down is if it is locked, so have this in mind when going on the road.


As we just mentioned, trundle drawers have the locking option. When you're driving around the city, and you'll park in a public parking place, you don't want to leave anything to chance. Locking down your drawer is the easiest way to protect your belongings inside.

Another thing to mind is the weather. When you have an undertray drawer, you're using a storage space under the tray, making it safe from rain, hail, snow, and the sun. The tonneau might be a wide storage room, but it is directly affected by all weather conditions.

Smooth usage

Many UTE toolboxes are robust and complicated to use. Although mainly made of aluminium, they can be noisy, tough to open and close, etc. The drawers provide a much smoother operating process. If done right, they can be opened and closed with just a touch of your fingers, making the entire experience smooth and wonderful.


Unlike the aluminium tool boxes for utes, again, drawers are so simple to use. You don't have to go on top of the vehicle to dive inside the toolbox. Everything's easily accessible and within hand reach. Open the drawer, see what's inside, and take what you need..

You can completely take it out of the system when you want to clean the drawer and put it back on. If you want to take it elsewhere for some reason, you can also remove it and put it back on later. It's simple to use and highly convenient, so find the best ute canopy for sale in our shops, and upgrade your fantastic vehicle.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 19 April 2022