Installing a Roof Rack Platform: Differences, Advantages, and Comparison

When considering a roof rack on top of your vehicle, the standard option is the roof rack. Everyone knows that this item consists of two crossbars moving from one end to the other fixed on the roof of your car, UTE’s driver’s cabin, or whatever you’re driving.

The new, modern, and improved version of the classic roof rack is the roof rack platform. This option is far better than the standard one, but many drivers are still not aware of the possibilities and advantages this one has. Although it has a few downsides, they are not a dealbreaker for most.

In this blog post, we talk about the roof rack platform – what its differences are compared to the standard version, the advantages, and why you should consider getting one if you’re already considering installing a roof rack. Follow up and learn more about the two.

What is a roof rack platform?

The roof rack platform has the same purpose as the classic one, but the difference is that it offers more versatility and has multiple advantages. The first difference is the way it is built. Instead of the two crossbars, you have a flat surface with more transporting possibilities.

In most cases, they use two material options – steel and aluminium. Our option is aluminium because it is more lightweight and as durable as steel. That means you’re getting lower gas consumption, and you can easily remove it from the roof when you’re not using it or want to mount it again.

What are the main advantages of the roof rack platform?

Similarly to the classic version, the platform is there to help you transport robust items. However, the platform has more benefits than the two traditionally used crossbars. Let’s see what these advantages are:

Better customization options

There are only so many things you can place between the two classic crossbars, but when you install a platform, you can customize the area for nearly anything you think of. You can now carry everything – from bikes and canoes to big cargo boxes.

Increased versatility

You can install the modern rack platform in different places. You don’t have to limit yourself to the driver’s cabin. That means you can now have more than one option installed on your vehicle. Many UTE owners have robust tool boxes installed over the rear tray, and adding an extra aluminium canopy roof rack on top increases your options additionally.

You can literally transform your vehicle into a moving garage. It doesn’t matter if you’re preparing for a camping trip or working as a contractor, everything’s possible by installing the platform on your toolbox canopy, the driver’s cabin top, or anywhere it fits.

Getting more storage capacity

With this option available, you’re now getting an increased storage capacity that will help you with the tasks you have in front. When you have this setup, it’s easy to transport everything you need. The flat surface distributes weight evenly across the area and helps you use it with maximum capacity.

Improved aerodynamics

Big bulky UTEs have many advantages, but aerodynamics is not one of them. However, if you put in a little work, you can make significant changes and improve it. Installing a toolbox improves the aerodynamics, but the roof rack can take you a step back.

The new roof rack platforms are designed much better. Engineers put in a lot of work to give you better aerodynamics. But why is this important? Aerodynamic vehicles help you get better control over the steering and give you better gas consumption.

Flawless security and safety

Just as the waterproof UTE toolbox protects you against rain, snow, and hail, the roof rack platform can help you protect your vehicle. Moreover, the big surface allows you to lock the items on the roof and prevent thieves from stealing the items up there. Some roof rack platforms have fantastic built-in locking mechanisms that are easy to handle and control.

Looks that change the appearance of your vehicle

Many love how the roof rack platform looks on their vehicle. Although this is personal, many will enjoy how their UTE looks when they install this item. The classic crossbars are barely noticeable, but the platform is fantastic and changes the appearance. Even if they don’t need it at the moment, UTE owners will drive with it constantly because they love how it looks.


If you’re on the fence and can’t decide what to install, this might be enough to help you solve the problem. The roof rack platform is a new and modern solution for your UTE. It has many advantages over the classic solution. Nearly everyone who installed one on their vehicle never takes it down and enjoys using it during daily tasks or complex trips.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 13 May 2024