Ladder Rack Pins: What are They and Why Would You Need Them?

When developing a flawless UTE, you’re using so many different items. Among the many others, there’s the ladder rack. Placed over the rear tub and in the shape of a construction over the UTE, it is perfect for storing and transporting much more than just ladders needed for work.

You may have just the ladder rack installed over the tray or have a complex toolbox canopy system – in both cases, the ladder rack goes perfectly with it. This setup has so many different needs and uses, that most UTE owners feel blessed to have one and wonder why they haven't installed one sooner.

As part of the ladder rack system, there’s the ladder rack pin. This tiny piece is the final part of the perfect design that helps you secure the ladders. However, this small item has a huge role in more than just that. If you want to know more about it, keep reading and find out what its use is, and why you must know more about it.

What is the ladder rack pin item?

The ladder rack pin is a tiny piece installed on top of the ladder racks or bars, to help you secure the ladder. When you have them up there, you must have something to hold them in place. The pin is perfect for this job. Tightening the tool to the pin means it can’t move around and is perfectly sealed in its place.

The pins are a robust bolt that goes through the bar and is tightened on the other end. If you’re transporting something bigger and the bolts give you a hard time, you can quickly take them and provide more storage room for the item you plan on transporting.

The minimum number of pins you can install on the rack is two. These two pins will hold the ladder in place, but if you want perfect stability and need something else tightened on the other end, the preferred number is four. Some people will opt for even more if they want to add extra security than the one provided on both ends of the rack.

What are the benefits of installing ladder rack pins?

Aside from acting as a limiter and adding convenience to transporting ladders, the pins have other features and benefits for UTE drivers. If you want to know what they are, follow up and learn about some of them.


One of the things that pins are capable of doing is adding extra security to your ladder rack system. Aside from not allowing ladders and other items to fall over or lose control while driving, they often come with an added locking mechanism that is activated in a situation of theft.

If someone tries to remove the pins, the locking mechanism will deter theft. This provides peace of mind for contractors who often must leave the ladders on top of the vehicle and work remotely. With this, the ladder will stay intact because the pin has a locking mechanism attached.

Ease of access

If you’re frequently using the ladder, you have no time for constantly bolting and unbolting the pins. For these people, there are specially designed pins that provide easy access. Even if you have robust UTE tool boxes installed in the back, you’ll quickly access the ladder and mount it or unmount it in seconds.

Limiting the vibration issue

When you’re driving through rough country roads, there’s always the vibration issue that most contractors face. The shaky road will create vibrations that make the ladder dance on top of the construction. The pins are perfect for preventing this. Securing the ladder to the pins and the rest of the rack will limit vibration and provide smooth driving and no worrying.

Other uses of pins aside from securing ladders

Aside from the ladder security, the pins allow you to mount and transport other items, too, and have multiple other uses. Let’s check out some of them, so you can find out if you need something like this.

Transporting other long items

Suppose you’re a passionate outdoor enthusiast, and you have a canoe or kayak in mind. The popular UTE canopies can store all the equipment inside, but the kayak or the canoe is simply too big. They must go on top. Their shape and length are exactly like the one of the ladders that contractors use, and the pins can significantly help you secure them for transport.

Extended use and transport of longer items

Contracting means using much more than just the ladder. So many items are needed when you work in construction, and some are long enough to be unable to fit anywhere else but on top of the aluminium canopy roof rack. Some of these items are various pipes, PVC materials, tubes, conduits, lumber, and other things. The pins will help you secure them, and transport them to the construction site without issues and worries.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 25 June 2024