Lift Off Canopy: Things to Know About

All UTE owners have nearly unlimited options for upgrading and improving their vehicles. We've been talking about many of them in our blog section, and many items are also available across the website, from standard UTE canopies to undertray boxes to regular toolboxes.

Among the many other items, we also have lift off canopies. Many people are not aware of their use and why they are great. Those who do know are often unaware of what to mind when getting one. There are so many things to know about lift off canopies, and it's impossible to cover them in one blog post.

In this one, we will talk more about the basic things every UTE needs to know about lift off canopies. We will share a few details and facts about them and try to explain why they are great. Keep reading if you want to know more.

What are lift off canopies

Every UTE has a big-enough rear tray to store anything they might need. Many UTE owners will redesign this area and install a big toolbox canopy. These toolboxes range from ordinarily closed compartments where people can store their items to oversized complex storage solutions with all sorts of features inside.

Additionally, you have the chance to choose and create a closed toolbox only at half of the tray. Customized solutions allow people to create nearly anything they like without worrying that they are ruining the storage space in the back.

One of these solutions is the lift off canopy. These canopies are made in a specific way that allows the owners to take the canopy out and place it on the ground or on a specifically designed stand where the toolbox will be placed.

These canopies are highly versatile and allow users to use them even at places where the UTE can get to them. Many people who work as contractors find great use of these, as they can remove them from the vehicle and take them anywhere they need on the construction grounds.

Lift off canopies are versatile

Some people will use lift off canopies without placing them on a vehicle. If you want a canopy toolbox for your home garage, mechanics shop, or whatever it is that you're using, you can order a remote lift off canopy where many items are stored.

These canopies, with a little effort, are mounted on the vehicle, but some people prefer them to stay where they are and get new ones for their UTEs. It's up to you to choose what you'll do, but you should know that a lift off canopy is highly versatile and has multiple uses.

They are best made from aluminium

The best material for creating lift off canopy is by far aluminium. Although other solutions are available on the market, you want one made of this material. There are stainless steel and titanium canopies, but they have pros and cons, making aluminium the ideal option.

Why, you may ask? Because aluminium is the kind of material that is lightweight enough not to put too much weight on the vehicle as steel would. Titanium is even lighter but is way more expensive than anything else on the market.

Another thing that makes aluminium the best option is that it is durable and waterproof. No outside event will affect your canopy if you have it made from aluminium. Titanium and stainless steel are also great, but aluminium provides the best value for money.

With this in mind, you can freely leave it outside in the open and worry about nothing. It can rain or snow, and the canopy would be intact. Even heavy hail won't hurt it. If the canopy is made of a quality-made checker plate aluminium, you can rest assured that everything inside is safe.

Pick the right size and color

Although most aluminium toolboxes are made with a unique aluminium greyish colour, if you order one custom-made, you can pick any colour you like. There are many various options, and you should just ask the guys at our shop to deliver what you want.

The same goes for the size of the canopy. Any toolbox is designed based on the wishes of the customer. All sizes are available up to a millimetre. Measure precisely what you need and ask to have it delivered to your door, or come to the shop with your vehicle if you want it to fit perfectly on your rear tray.


These few points and details should be enough to explain what lift off canopies are quickly. We also have many other items that can improve your vehicle. Don't forget to add the undertray toolbox and the rest of the features available in our shop. That's how you'll create a true UTE masterpiece.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 7 September 2022