Mounting Canopy to Tray by Yourself: Here’s How to Do it!

Many UTE enthusiasts will order a toolbox canopy through the mail and get it to their home address, but only then will they realize that mounting is required. It is a process that requires tools, skills, and some effort. In other words, you need to know how to do it.

A toolbox canopy through the mail comes with an installation manual and a kit, but it can sometimes be confusing. Because of this, many will look for solutions online. It’s great having the toolbox canopy and the installation kit, but you also need to know what to do with them.

In this blog post, we will try to explain how to do it on your own. If you already have the kit but don't know what to do, keep reading and follow the steps listed below. If you do everything right, you will have a perfect tool box to tray installation. Follow up and see how to do it.

What do you need for the job?

There are several things to mind before starting to work. First, of course, you need the toolbox canopy. Then, you should measure if the canopy can fit ideally over the tray. Then, you need the mountain kit right next to you, and finally, you need the required tools – a wrench, hammer, screwdriver, and drill.

If you want a waterproof feature, you will also need a sealant. If you have all these things, it’s time to start working. Follow the steps below to do a perfect job.

Place the toolbox canopy near the vehicle

The first step is to place the toolbox canopy next to the vehicle. If you can lift the item by yourself, you should rotate it and place it next to the UTE, with all sides facing the same as when you mount it over the rear tray.

If the toolbox is too big to lift alone, you will need someone to help you. A friend or a family member will be enough to do it. Remember that this is not the only time you will need them because once the canopy is in position and you finish everything else, you will need to lift it and place it over the rear tray. This might not be possible by yourself, so keep that friend around until you finish the job.

Inspect the mounting area

The next step is to check if the tray is clean from any obstacles. There might be dirt, objects, or something else blocking the way. It’s crucial to clean everything and create a perfect situation before mounting the toolbox. If you don’t do this, the canopy won’t fit.

Sometimes, you will even need to use an electric drill, brush, or other tools and machines to clean an area from an issue that isn’t removable by hand. Every vehicle becomes different over the years due to weather conditions, corrosion, or something else.

Measure and mark the mounting points

Once you handle everything, it’s time to measure and mark the mounting points. For this, you need a special pencil or a marker that will allow you to precisely mark the places where the toolbox should go.

Do this very carefully. If you make a small mistake, you won’t be able to fit the canopy. If the marking points are off by just one millimetre, you will need to do everything all over again, while the holes drilled inside the tray will be useless. This is why it is crucial to measure and mark precisely, as afterwards, you might be unable to return and do everything anew.

Drill the holes

When you've done the measurements – drill the holes. Take the electric drill and do the job. Ensure you do everything smoothly, with no parts that might hurt you while mounting.

Check if the screws fit inside the holes. The width of the holes should be ideal, and the screws should fit perfectly inside. When you finish and there are no issues, go on to the next step.

Mount the toolbox

This is the time when you need that friend again. Of course, if the toolbox is small and you can lift it alone, do it, but if it is robust and heavy, you might need help from more than one person.

Lift the canopy and place it over the tray. Place the screws through the holes and tighten everything perfectly with the items you will find in the mountain kit.

Take it for a test drive

When you have everything ready, take the UTE for a ride and see if the canopy is mounted perfectly. There shouldn't be any sound or movement while driving. Drive slow so you are sure that everything’s flawless.

If everything seems right, go even further and install additional parts. Order UTE tray mud guards, a roof rack, or a canopy ladder, and enjoy driving a fully-equipped vehicle.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 27 December 2023