Off-Road Equipment: 6 Essential Tools for Off-Roading

Off-roading is such an adventurous activity. Millions of people worldwide do this every weekend, and some even do it more frequently. In Australia, many are highly addicted to the off-roading experience and can’t wait to get a spare moment and hit the fantastic trails this continent offers.

If you’re about to give it a try but you never had experience with it, you must know several things before going on the road. Driving off-road and through paved country roads is entirely different. Off-roading means facing many challenges and solving obstacles that take time and energy.

Aside from the many things you must take with you, there are several tools you mustn’t leave your home without. In this blog post, we’re highlighting the six essential off-roading tools every adventurer must own in their UTE. Keep reading and see what they are.

Adequate storage protection, such as toolbox

To carry everything needed for the trip, you must install one of the many aluminium tool boxes for caravans or UTE available on the market. These items made of aluminium are the best ones, as they provide ultimate protection against the weather, thieves, and harsh road conditions, but at the same time, they are lightweight and easy to mount.

There are many different options when it comes to installing a toolbox. From full side opening toolboxes to top lid tool boxes to tool boxes with complex interiors where shelves, drawers, and other things are installed. Think about your style and what you’re planning to carry, and choose the right one for your vehicle.

Proper navigation system in the cabin

Navigation is essential when you’re going hundreds of kilometres away from civilization. Australia is still uncharted in many areas, so if you’re planning to visit the desert or go somewhere away from the cities, you must know exactly where you’re headed and where the roads are.

Invest in proper navigation and install the right system in your driver’s cabin. A computer connected to the satellites that work with a GPS is the best solution. These navigation systems function without the need for the internet and will always position you precisely, no matter where you are on the map.

Roof rack

A roof rack is an installation on the roof of your vehicle that provides an almost unlimited storage area. When you want to transport something that is too robust for the toolbox, you can place it on top of your vehicle and lock it with the help of the roof rack.

These items are excellent for those who love additional activities in nature aside from the off-road driving experience. If you’re planning to take skis, a canoe, or something similar, the roof rack is essential for carrying them.

Get-out-of-dirt equipment

Although everyone will see only the good side of the off-road adventure, there are many bad sides to it, too. One of the most common issues is getting stuck in dirt, sand, or snow. Depending on the weather and location, going off-road means overcoming obstacles on the road.

To be sure that you’ll never get stuck, aside from driving only a 4x4 vehicle, you must carry additional equipment for it. Gloves, a shovel, traction pads, ropes, and everything else needed for pulling and pushing your vehicle when it gets stuck are essential to have on board.

Lighting - lots of it

You don’t have to travel only by night to think of the lighting you’re carrying. Many situations require working lights, even though you’re travelling in broad daylight. Getting stuck in a forest will show you that lights are crucial to see what you’re working on, as trees will block much of the sunlight.

If you’re driving at night, installing adequate lighting on your vehicle is also highly valuable. You will be more comfortable with lights on your vehicle that provide more lumens, so don’t save on additional lights that will be installed additionally. This way, you’ll travel by night without worrying about where you’re headed.

Jerry cans

Your tank can fit only so much gas. Since you’re driving long distances, you must think ahead and be prepared in case something unplanned happens. If you get lost or a planned gas station isn’t working, you must be sure that you can drive to the next one.

Jerry cans with gasoline inside will save you from being stuck in the middle of nowhere. Install dedicated jerry can holders in the rear tray and lock them in place. Make sure you always have a spare can, and don’t forget to refill when stopping at the gas station.


These six points are essential, and you must never skip them when going off-roading. Go through the list, make sure you have everything provided, and only then hit the road. If you don’t have everything from the list above, chances are great that you will get stuck in the wilderness and will need to call someone else for help.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 11 July 2023