Padlocks, Whale Tail Locks, or Something Else - What is the Best Security Option for Toolboxes?

Installing a toolbox canopy or something similar in the rear tray of your vehicle means getting an item that protects your belongings from all weather conditions, curious and hungry animals, and thieves. However, while the weather can’t reach inside the aluminium toolboxes, animals and people can easily open the boxes if there’s no lock.

Every toolbox needs a strong lock. The owner should be the only one who has the key and controls who has access to the inside of the box. When you’re getting a canopy or any other toolbox for your UTE, you’re usually getting a basic form of lock. You should mind this issue and ask for an improved and more sophisticated version.

A better lock means that no one will have the chance to reach inside. Any look will be good enough for bears or boars in the wilderness, but when it comes to people, you need an advanced option. Thieves will find an easy way to pick the lock and steal from you.

In this blog post we share some of the best solutions for your toolboxes. We will talk about the features, choosing the right one for you, and what are the many positive and negative sides of choosing the right lock. Keep reading and learn more on this subject.

What are your options?

Multiple different locks are available and commonly used for UTE toolboxes. People usually get padlocks, cylinder locks, cam locks, tubular locks, electronic locks, and whale tale locks. The first ones are the most commonly used, but the last ones are probably the best solution when it comes to toolboxes and canopies.

Padlocks are made of stainless steel, and aside from being almost impossible to cut or pick, they are also highly versatile and simple to use. Users can place them on all kinds of openings because they require very little to give flawless protection.

Cylinder locks are the most easily picked as sometimes even the same brands of the same manufacturer can be opened with one key. This is the worst possible security level, so it’s not recommended for owners who need excellent protection. The same goes for the cam locks, which look different but pose the same security risk.

Tubular locks are excellent and provide great security, but they are not designed for toolboxes specifically. They can be implemented into your toolbox, but other options are a better solution.

Why choose whale tail locks?

The last option we mentioned on the list is the whale tale lock, but this might be the best one. This option is the best because it has so many features making it perfect for the need.

Whale tale locks are key lockable, but they are also extra pad-lockable. They come with mounting holes, which makes them simple to install. These locks are made of aluminium or stainless steel, so it’s impossible to break through them.

Most of these items are water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about rain or snow. This is extremely important because locks that are not water resistant will get ruined after a while, and your key won’t unlock the toolbox.

Our whale tail compression lock solutions are next level. They are made for the toughest conditions. They are made from high-grade aluminium, capable of withholding nearly anything. It also has a cushion seal that provides weather and dust sealing, keeping everything inside dry and safe.

Are there any downsides?

An ordinary whale tail lock will be susceptible to drilling inside by thieves. However, what is the chance of getting robbed this way when you park the car in your driveway or the mountains? It’s not common to see people running around with drills, right?

Another issue that is commonly mentioned for these locks is the limited security when keying is in question. Experienced and skilled lock pickers will know how to manipulate and get inside. Again, this is impossible to avoid as these thieves will know how to handle almost any type of lock, including your home or office.

Finally, just like any other lock, you must change them after a while. These locks have a standard lifespan for materials like these. You must do regular maintenance to make sure they last long enough.


These few points explain what whale tail locks are all about. Our models are made of high-grade aluminium and will withstand almost anything coming their way. If you’re thinking about installing a lock on your toolbox canopy or some other type of item that needs protection, our locks are the best solution.

With all the positive side and excellent features, there’s no need to worry when you’re leaving your UTE unattended. These locks will provide all the necessary protection you need.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 3 July 2023