Portable Charger for Car Batteries and Other Trip Essentials

Is there anything better than travelling long distances with your own vehicle? The one you know so well and nothing can surprise you while steering is the ultimate best solution for driving to other parts of the country.

Going through all kinds of terrains and thousands of kilometres through the continent means you can expect anything. Your car may be the best automobile in the world, but after driving such distances in short times, it may show signs of fatigue.

To be sure that your trip will go without problems and you won't get stuck somewhere without anyone within hundreds of kilometres to help, you must be fully prepared. In this blog post, we're sharing a few items you must always have to ensure you're not staying behind your plan. Follow up and see what they are.

Portable charger for car battery

You never know in what condition your battery truly is, and you never know if you forget your lights turned on and your battery becomes drained. This is why you must always have a portable charger for car battery in the back and be sure that you're safe when you turn off your car.

Not only is this device valuable and useful for those moments when you're in terrible need, but you can also use it for camping and helping others. Turning on the batteries can be a complex and difficult task, if you don't have the right tools. This is why you'll want a dedicated place for this item in the rear tray of your UTE or the trunk of your car.

Spare tire

A spare tire is simply a must. Never leave your home without one. The spare tire is usually placed underneath the rear tray, but if there is no dedicated place, you'll want to have a special spare tire holder that is attached to the back of the car.

The spare tire is essential when your tires drive over something sharp and become flat. You don't have where to fix it, and the only thing to do is change. If you don't have a spare one, you'll be left to wait for help from the professionals who are often too far away from your location.

Tools for any occasion

We say change the flat tire, but you can't do it without the proper tools. You must always have adequate tools with you. Any car parts or mechanics store you walk in will have these tools. Just ask for a set of essentials and store them in a safe place in your vehicle.

The best place for keeping the tools is an undertray toolbox in your UTE since this is the place that is easily accessible, and you will never worry about where you have left the needed tools. Searching for tools should be the last thing to mind when facing a difficult situation on the road.

First aid kit

Another item should go in the same or similar under-tray compartment - the first aid kit. If there's an accident, yours or someone else's, you must get the first aid kit as quickly as possible. There's no better place for the first aid kit than the undertray toolbox we mentioned.

Similarly to the toolset we mentioned you should get in the mechanic's shop, you can get the first aid kit in a similar store. There's everything you need for these occasions. It may not be enough to perform a surgery, but you can save someone's life with snake antivenom, a bandage to stop bleeding, and other stuff.

Enough supplies to get you to the next gas station

Always ensure you have spare room in the rear tray for vital supplies that will get you to the next gas station. Although UTE tool boxes are big enough to fit everything, we often forget the crucial items. Water, food, and spare gas cans are simply essential, and you should never forget them.

You can forget literally anything at home, but never forget the extra canisters of fresh drinking water. Without them, you can never spend more than a few days in nature. Some areas of our continent are so inhabited that you won't find any store for hundreds of kilometres.


Long-distance trips can be full of fun and excitement. At the same time, they can be filled with agony and dangers if you're not prepared properly. The items discussed above are just part of the essentials you need on long trips.

Make a list at home before taking off, and ensure you have everything packed. Check it twice and only leave when you're sure everything's ready. The items above are some of the most valuable ones you need on the road. Have them, and you'll get home safe no matter what happens.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 3 August 2022