Turn Your UTE Into a Remote Camping Home by Installing Toolbox Canopies

When you're going camping with your UTE, you're thinking about how to get more stuff and how to enjoy more while in nature. Although nature is enough, it's still better to enjoy the campfire in a comfortable chair instead of sitting on the ground.

Every time you go camping, you realize that you're missing something and that you'd feel better if you had it with you. It may be a comfortable chair, some appliances from home, or something else, but nature is better if you enrich it with technology.

This is why many people love taking tons of items with them when going camping. If you're driving a UTE to the designated spot, you know that you have enough storage room to take all kinds of stuff, but it seems like it is never enough.

Installing a UTE canopy in the back will allow you to store even more things inside and protect them while driving. A UTE canopy is also valuable for many other things, and that's what we're talking about in this post. Keep reading and learn more about this.

Two checker plate aluminium toolbox canopies facing each other

You can fit literally anything inside

Aside from all these things we mentioned, the toolbox canopy is so big that you can fit anything inside. Just think of how long and wide your rear tray is, and you'll see how much storage room there is. The canopy merely covers the area to protect it from weather and bumps on the road, preventing items from falling off.

You can easily store everything inside when you're going camping and not worry about them until you reach your destination. You can open the canopy and take everything you need out when you're there. You can make the campsite look like your backyard.

Toolbox canopies can be custom made

The best thing about our toolbox canopies is that they are custom-made from the most quality aluminium. They can be designed and developed just the way you want them. Don't feel pressured by the dimensions of your UTE because you can create nearly anything you want.

Go to the shop and ask the employees to help you with the design. Come up with the perfect fit for your needs and wait for the result. Your UTE will be perfectly tailored for your UTE specifically. Everything can be customized, from materials to colours to looks.

They provide enough room to sleep inside

The toolbox canopy is easily turned into a remote bedroom. You've probably seen those people going on vacations with their UTE and transforming the toolbox canopy into a sleeping shelter. They can drive anywhere they want, stop by the road, sleepover in their canopy, and move on.

If you order the proper canopy, you can turn it into a tiny bedroom where two people can comfortably sleep. Just imagine how amazing it can be. The canopy is open, and you can watch the stars outside, and when you're rested, you can sit behind the wheel again and move on with your adventure.

Most people use them for storing items

If you don't like the idea of sleeping inside, you can still use the toolbox for its primary use - storing items. There are different UTE canopy toolbox sizes, and they can fit various items inside. The biggest and most robust ones can even place a motorcycle inside.

You can carry your bike with you on an adventure in the wilderness. If you're a fan of off-road activities, you can mount your motorcycle onto a special platform and drag it with the UTE or store it inside the canopy.

Having pets is also not a problem. You can have the largest of breeds of dogs, and the canopy will provide the perfect shelter for them. The canopy can be specifically designed to provide breeze and comfort, making your pet feel happy and comfortable on the trip.

Think about additional storage capacities when ordering

Aside from the canopy, you can add many more toolbox solutions to your vehicle. You can add under tray drawers, roof racks, ladder racks, and many other accessories to enrich your vehicle and provide more capacity, or drawbar toolbox if you have vehicle with hauled load.

If you're often travelling in nature or working as a contractor, these things may be highly significant for you. Go through the options we have in the stores, and see if you find something suitable. Picking the right accessories means you can create a top-notch transportation device.


All these points we talked about explain why you want the toolbox UTE canopy installed on your vehicle when you're going camping. So many benefits arise after mounting one in the rear tray. You'll never argue with your spouse about not having enough storage space, and you'll be able to enjoy every activity in nature.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 6 June 2022