Removable UTE Canopies Are Essential for Campers

The great outdoors offers freedom, adventure, and relaxation. Millions of people worldwide enjoy occasional camping activities, and in Australia, thousands take their UTEs to nature and spend a couple of nights in manually set-up camps.

Although camping sounds fun, it takes a lot of preparation, planning, and focus to have everything settled. If you don’t organize yourself properly, you might not have as much fun as you can. Organizing perfectly and packing all items you previously purchased is essential for a great camping experience.

One part of the camping equation is packing everything perfectly. Organizing is crucial, but having enough storage capacity means being able to transport goods to the desired location. This is why you need the perfect storage area, and UTEs provide the best solutions.

Among the many options, mounting a UTE canopy is probably the best one. It offers storage for your camping needs, and you can use it for everyday activities. A toolbox canopy is an excellent solution, and if you choose the removable option, you get maximum flexibility.

What is a removable UTE toolbox canopy?

You’ve probably seen many vehicles around the city that have toolboxes installed over their rear trays. They might have a toolbox that covers the entire rear tray, a tiny solution that only has a half-canopy design or something else that they prefer.

If you’re a camper, you require lots of storage because although camping is about nature and being one with the great outdoors, you still need to pack many things to survive out there - from items that will create fire to utensils to the tent where you’ll sleep.

Aside from the many other items that are easily carried in backpacks, a remote kitchen isn’t possible to transport. When using your UTE for camping, you can simply take the entire kitchen with you. A removable toolbox canopy allows you to take it out of the vehicle and place it wherever you want.

Why would you want a removable canopy?

Many people love their removable canopies because they are not using them exclusively for camping. Contractors and people who enjoy DIY projects will take the canopy off the vehicle and place it in the backyard where the project is being taken care of.

When it comes to camping, a removable canopy means instantly creating a room in nature. Organize the toolbox with everything you need, and you have a neat space where tools, utensils, glasses, plates, or anything else are perfectly stored and ready for use.

With the openings on both sides, you can easily reach anything you’ve packed. A canopy is much more flexible than an ordinary toolbox that has a tiny opening. A canopy will provide complete access to your items and, on top of it, provide shelter from the hot sun, the rain, or the snow.

You need two people to handle a removable toolbox

There are many different sizes of canopies. Even the smallest of options are robust and tough to handle if you don’t have any help. A regular 1000mm high canopy will require two people to pick it up from both sides of the vehicle and transport it to a different location.

If they are full of items, they might be so heavy that even two people will not be enough, but if you prepare adequately and read the instruction manual about installation and common issues users face, you’ll easily handle the problem and install the removable canopy wherever you need it.

Add additional elements inside the toolbox

The best way to use the removable toolbox canopy is to install additional equipment inside. When going on a trip to nature and planning camping, you need all the items we mentioned earlier. However, you can’t just throw them inside the canopy - you need some sort of organization.

Plan some shelves, maybe a remote fridge, a power generator, and everything else you might need. There are plenty of options, from drawers to wine holders - the choice of what you’ll add inside is yours. You may turn an ordinary toolbox into a spectacular area.

What are these toolboxes made of?

All of our toolboxes are made of premium aluminium. This material is by far the best one as it provides the ultimate features for an item of this kind. A toolbox must be durable and able to withstand all weather conditions, and aluminium is simply the perfect solution.

On top of it, aluminium is lightweight, so it won’t add too much weight to your vehicle. In comparison, steel boxes are too heavy. They entirely change the behaviour of your vehicle, require more gas and cost you a lot with every single trip.


We have various toolbox canopies in our shops. Choose the size, the colour, the design, and the type of canopy. We mount anything you need on your vehicle custom-made, or we can deliver through the mail. Choose and order today.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 18 July 2023