Slide-on Campers Vs. Camper Toolboxes: How to Create the Perfect Camping Setup?

If you’re a passionate camper, you always search for new ways and ideas to improve your outdoor experience. Going to nature with your UTE means reaching for freedom, but you can’t go entirely lightweight. You need various things to make the stay comfortable.

Many campers will use the modern and popular idea of installing slide-on campers. This solution is perfect for those looking for a remote home and are not interested in getting a specialized caravan vehicle designed for this need exclusively.

Instead, they will transform their standard UTE into a remote home while still being able to use the vehicle for their daily city needs and their standard life routine. However, this idea has many pros and cons, and as it may be an interesting one, it also comes with many downsides.

The other solution is turning your UTE into a utility vehicle by mounting toolboxes for UTE over the rear bed and adding a sleeping solution on top of it. This solution has pros and cons, so choosing the right one is a personal challenge.

What are slide-on campers, and why are they fantastic?

Slide-on campers, also known as slide-in campers or truck campers, are a type of recreational vehicle that you mount onto the bed of the UTE. These campers are designed to fit securely on the UTE’s bed and provide a compact remote living space on the road.

The term slide-on refers to how these campers can be slid onto and off the bed of the vehicle. Once mounted, they look and feel just like a caravan vehicle, with the slight difference of usually being smaller in size and less comfortable.

However, it is still a great solution for those who want a solution that is not permanent. The slide-on camper can be taken off when you get home and kept secured in the garage. You can continue using the UTE for your regular needs after that.

These campers offer unmatched safety and comfort while being in nature. There’s everything you need inside – from a comfortable bed to a small kitchen and a bath. Whenever night falls, you can continue enjoying the comfort and not sleep under the open sky or in an uncomfortable tent.

However, you can’t keep heavy tools and machinery inside when you mount the slide-on camper over your UTE. It is excellent for camping, but you don’t have much space for storing other things, like most of the essential supplies or tools needed for a trip.

What are camper toolboxes, and how can you use them for camping?

A camper toolbox is a classic toolbox you mount over the rear bed. You get to use the toolbox for your regular needs, but you can’t sleep inside when you want to go camping. There’s enough room for all tools, machines, and supplies inside, but it’s not the most convenient solution when it comes to sleeping.

This is why most people who love spending time in nature will install an additional part that acts as a remote bedroom. They mount this piece on top of the toolbox canopy and climb up on it to sleep. A simple ladder attached to the aluminium toolbox canopy that leads on top of the vehicle is what you must install.

A solution like this is perfect because of many reasons. You get enough storage room for anything you think of, and there’s an excellent sleeping solution. However, this setup can’t provide the comfort that classic caravans offer or the slide-on campers. Sleeping is perfectly comfortable, but there’s nothing else to do once you climb up there.

On the other hand, the toolbox canopy and bedroom on top of it means you don’t have to uninstall anything when you get home. You can continue using the entire setup as it is or only take the bedroom option off.

Most people prefer this option because the toolbox is essential for their daily needs, while the camping option is an extra. When the time comes for some off-roading or outdoor adventures, they simply add the sleeping part and enjoy time spent in nature.


So, what seems like the best choice? It’s hard to say because both setups have different advantages and disadvantages. The first one provides more comfort but takes a lot more time to prepare the entire setup before heading to nature and after returning home. Additionally, there’s no room for essential tools or supplies.

The second one is more convenient and takes less effort in preparation. The storage capacities are enormous, and you can fit everything inside the toolbox canopy, but lacks comfort. So, if you’re looking for a way to enjoy your trip to the fullest, go with the first option, and if you’re taking short trips often, choose the second one.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 8 March 2024