The Best Custom UTE Trays Guide

You’ll find many items in our shop. All of them are highly valuable for our customers, their garages, and the vehicles they are driving. Among the many useful items, there are the UTE trays - a specific type of storage for all your valuable items and tools.

UTE with custom-made toolbox and trundle drawers

These items are made for those who have a unique and perfectioned taste of what needs to go in the rear tray of their vehicle. If you feel like you’ve outgrown the phase where the UTE has an open tray and want to improve its looks and functionality, it is time to step up and do more.

In this blog post, we’re talking about UTE trays. We’ve created a detailed guide on what they are, their benefits, and how to choose the best trays for your needs. Follow up and read more about this as you discover why custom-made trays are the best for your UTE.

What is a UTE Tray?

The first question is what UTE trays are. UTE trays are an additional item that is installed on your vehicle. They are used for storage. Smaller than toolboxes, canopies, and similar storage items, they are practical, offer more safety, and can be installed nearly anywhere.

Most commonly, people will ask for a bigger UTE canopy in which more trays can fit. Installation can make them as drawers pulled out as you stand in front of them. This is the most practical way that offers functionality and reliability for storing valuable items inside.

If you choose custom-made UTE trays, they can differ by size, material, weight, and colour. You can choose a different locking mechanism and everything else you may think of, including options like a caravan toolbox. If you have an idea, it can be done. Consider what you need, and let us customize this product.

Pros and Cons of using UTE trays

There are multiple benefits to installing custom UTE trays. The first and most important one is neatly aligning and storing your valuable tools needed for work. If you’re a contractor, you know how important it is to store everything in its designated place.

Suppose you’re a camper. Multiple trays installed inside a toolbox canopy means having all items needed for your trip carefully stored. There’s no chance of a mixup and wasting time searching for an essential item when your time is short.

Trays are excellent for storing small parts. Imagine only having one robust toolbox in which there’s everything - from hammers to drills to screws. Finding what you need inside is often an adventure. Storing everything in different trays makes the quest for a particular piece seamless.

Safety is another benefit. Having a lock on your trays and another one on your canopy means double protection. Even if the canopy is wide open, breaking inside a tiny box is much more difficult. Additionally, being made of aluminium, they are durable, and the weather can’t harm them.

There’s one downside, though. Trays are small and unsuitable for bigger tools, like power drills. There’s no room for it inside; you’ll need to store it elsewhere. This is why it’s best to install a combination of smaller trays and bigger toolboxes that will allow you to store everything perfectly.

How to pick the ultimate best UTE trays?

The first thing to do when you’re considering trays is to think about what you will use them for. The answer to this question solves nearly everything. There are multiple options about how big the trays can be, where they’ll be installed, and what kind of function they’ll have.

Once you do that, think about your budget. There are highly expensive titanium-made trays that are fantastic but expensive. The best solution is to get aluminium trays, which are more affordable and have almost the same features.

Then, think about where you will install them. Many will opt for the empty space under the tray and near the tires. This is an unused area and can be filled with such storage boxes. Others prefer in-cabin trays, while some want a neatly arranged box of tiny trays that open and close easily.

Are there custom-made trays?

Of course, there are. The only issue is - you can’t make them yourself. Crafting a custom-made tray means a complex process that individuals are not capable of. It’s best to call us and tell us the desired dimensions, materials, colour, and your idea for mounting. We will do everything for you just the way you imagined.


Owning a UTE is surely a great experience. Upgrading it with several different toolboxes and other storage items makes it even more versatile. A utility vehicle means it does more than just commute from one place to another, so installing custom-made trays that will store tools and other items is something to consider if you want a superior UTE.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 14 March 2023